Chunkfest 2010 by Ben & Jerry's at Promontory@Marina Bay

12 exclusive flavours of the ice cream will be especially flown in for this event. A trivia: This hopefully an annual event, Chunkfest started in year 2008. This year Chunkfest to be held on 04 Sept at Promontory, Marina Bay from 2:30 PM to 11 PM.

You can vote which flavor should stay here (The flavor with the highest votes gets to stay! As per now, the flavor with the highest vote so far is Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie. A quick description on this flavor: Maple Ice Cream with Blonde Brownie Chunks & a Maple Caramel Swirl).

What I don't get is that if these 12 flavours are new, shouldn't one try each of the unique ice cream first prior to casting one's vote?

Oh well, beside indulging yourself in ice cream (yes, you still have to pay, though. What do you expect?!), you can also vote which bands shall perform.

There are altogether 6 bands of which three are confirmed to perform: 53A, Jack & Rai, and Tabula.

The other 3 bands shall be chosen from your votes on these 6 bands: Leeson, Life In Colour, Plainsunset, The Goodboys, and The Marilyns.

Interesting, eh?

And do check out also about Vermonster Challenge & how to sign up here. (Note--and quoted from Ben & Jerry's - Chunkfest 2010 on Vermonster Challenge: "To participate, you or your friends must first confirm your or their attendance for Chunk Fest 2010 via Facebook Connect.

You can either create a team or have your friend add you as a member. To create a team, you have to provide a team name and add your friends to join your team. Each team consists of 4 members (you + 3 other friends).

Only the first 20 teams to register for the Vermonster Challenge will qualify. On the day of the event, teams will have to register their attendance at our booth before 4pm. Teams who do not turn up will be disqualified and available spots will be open to the public.")

I'm seriously considering to attend this event. And to pay a tribute to someone who first introduced me to Ben & Jerry's. Life's delicious; hope in the next life you get to enjoy a more variety and rich taste of Ben & Jerry's.

Hippie Hooray! Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you taste the excitement that’s coming your way? Right behind the curtain, we are buzzing like bees as Chunk Fest sets to take on centre-stage once again.

It’s the very same, one and only, hippie-themed ice cream festival held once every year in Singapore, since 2008. Celebrating all things good – peace, love and of course, Vermont’s finest ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

This year, we’re swirling in more groovy mixes of hippy-trippy ice cream (with 12 exclusive flavors, specially flown in just-for-the-day), sweet sweet moosic, and lots of other fun-tastic activities – like the ever-awesome Vermonster Challenge everyone loves!

So get ready to party like never before at Chunk Fest 2010 – it’s gonna be a real blast from the past!

That’s right! This Chunk Fest, we’re letting you have your say – on which of our 12 exclusive specially flown in flavors gets to stay, which bands get to play and who gets to be on your team for the Vermonster Challenge.

From Ben & Jerry's - Chunkfest 2010, "About".


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