Art Consulting Services

Book of Taboo No.2 - Maleonn

ART LEXING will be able to source the right artists to fit your needs.
  • Private Collectors: Locating artists/artwork for private collectors. Collectors have the opportunity to meet the desired artist/s at their studios in Beijing or Shanghai. If the client cannot visit Beijing/Shanghai, ART LEXING will source the artwork, negotiate the price, ship the artwork and provide the Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Gallery/Museum Exhibitions: If galleries or museums are interested in showcasing Chinese contemporary art, ART LEXING can source artist/s for group or solo shows for a variety of price ranges or themes.
  • Sourcing Art for corporate clients & events: Companies can request artwork or art performance for commercial venues, such as, offices, restaurants, events etc. Art pieces and performances will be selected to match the design of the space and the client’s price requirements. At events, Lexing Zhang can be on-site to provide the client’s guests with information on the art piece/s or performance/s.


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