A 20-year-old girl put in a coffin for 3 hours (Singapore's real-life version of the horror movie, The Coffin?)

Reading about how a 20-year-old girl was put in a golden coffin for 3 hours in a cemetary in--yes, you read it right!--Singapore just led me to think of this horror movie, The Coffin. (The show is by the way about a Thai ritual of lying in a coffin, which is supposed to ensure long life and rid people of their bad luck. But things turn out worse. Well, it's a horror film after all. The YouTube clip is here. Karen Mok is good at acting jumpy. Heh.)

Seriously though, I am not entirely sure whether parents are allowed to that to their child. See, the case here is that the girl was believed to be under a spell. Tragic. In the cold concrete jungles of Singapore, the dark arts are still thriving, huh?

Sin Chew Daily reported that a girl, believed to be under a spell, was dressed in a red costume and put in a golden coffin for three hours in a cemetery in Singapore.

The parents spent $30,000 for the entire "funeral" to get rid of the "spell", it said.

The 20-year-old student underwent the ceremony after her character changed few months earlier and she could not even recognise her own parents.

Her family believed that she was under a spell.

From Asiaone, "Girl put in coffin for 3 hours in S'pore cemetery".


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