Tiger Airways: boardmefirst (and coming soon: LetMeGoDownFirst)

Seriously though what is 'boardmefirst' feature about? Just a kind of priority boarding service that allows subscribers to be boarded, uhm, first?

I won't be surprised the next feature introduced (with a fee, of course) will be some kind of priority alighting service. Might be coined as LetMeGoDownFirst, this premium service will enable its customers to be alighted first (and thus can beat the rest of passengers to go through the immigration check).

Yeah, right.

Budget carrier Tiger Airways has launched a low-cost priority boarding service called boardmefirst.

Tiger Airways Singapore managing director Rosalynn Tay said this new service will complement other services like allowing passengers to pay in proportion to the weight of check-in luggage and selecting their seats.

These ancillary services have been contributing to Tiger's revenue streams.

Boardmefirst is now available on its international flights and costs S$6 per passenger per flight sector when booked online.

Ms Tay said it is offered so passengers do not have to chalk up expensive miles.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Tiger launches low-cost priority boarding service".


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