Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station by i-THAIPORARY CREW

i-THAIPORARY CREW proudly presents the annual performance , Take “Jeen Kasidit” the popular independent singer to Japan ByBTS alone !!! in “Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station”

After the success of “Sa-by Sa-by Dance Theatre Therapy”,the last year annual performance,this year,I-Thaiporary crew has prepared for their second show, “Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station”,using the similarity within the difference between Thai and Japanese society.

“Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station” is made from a combination of an all-time favorited Japanese short stories and narrations such as The Grilled Fish , Hajiko , Yutsuya Kaidanetc. We would adapt these with loneliness and a sense of humor and there will be five stories that will be told by Jeen Kasidit , Num Kritsana , Out-Egg Akjiratikan , Rean Jantawad and Bubble Korakot.

The performance will be start on this 1-5 and 8-12 september,at 8.00pm on weekdays and at 3.00pm and 8.00pm on weekends ,perform@ NOSPACE GALLERY(RCA),near Rama9 MRT station.The ticket has only one price 350 baht,reserve the ticket and more information please contact 081-7000322 or check out for the performance updates at and


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