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I really can't tell how different this talent show, "One Moment of Glory" will be compared to another competition, "America's Got Talent". We just have to wait and see...

Featuring ten contestants ranging from fire-eating magicians, singers and even pole dancers, Channel 5's brand new talent show "One Moment of Glory" (OMG) promises to light up the screen when it debuts in August.

"One Moment of Glory" will be hosted by Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong and presided over by celebrity judges Irene Ang and Mark "The Flying Dutchman" van Cuylenburg.

Various celebrities such as actresses Jeanette Aw and Beatrice Chia will also appear as special guest judges over the course of the show.

However, the main draw of the show will not be the celebrity judges or the performers, but the 'challenger' mechanic that will constantly threaten contestants with elimination.

Unlike previous talent shows where audiences only get to vote to determine the winner, OMG will invite the public to enter the fray as the show progresses.

Members of the public can send videos of themselves showing off their talents to the show's organisers.

If they are shortlisted, they will be invited to get on the show from the second episode onwards to challenge any of the contestants for one of the eight berths that will qualify them for a shot at the S$50,000 grand prize.

If the challenger wins, he replaces the original contestant and takes over his spot in the eight. Of course, he will then have to defend his own position from other challengers that will turn up.

The number of berths will gradually reduce from eight to five and then four to one as the competition progresses, with only the top performer walking away with the prize, causing the competition to heat up exponentially as the weeks go by.

When asked about the 'challenger' mechanic, Chong said that it will add a lot of excitement to the show and recounted how glory can be fleeting.

"There was one contestant. He was in and out in the same episode. It was really just one moment of glory," Chong recounted.

"You never know how long you'll be on the podium," added Singh sympathetically.

Celebrity judge van Cuylenburg was overjoyed for the chance to preside over the contest and felt that allowing the public to join in the fun was a welcome change from the way talent competitions are usually run.

"I finally get to do what (acid-tongued radio DJ) Glenn Ong does every morning. Judge people," said van Cuylenburg excitedly. "If you always watch these TV shows and go 'I can do better', now is the time to bring it on!"

"I want to see people who are willing to go the extra mile and develop as the weeks go on. Show me that hunger, show me that want to improve, and I'll try my best to keep you in," he added.

"One Moment of Glory" debuts at 8pm, August 9 on Channel 5 with subsequent episodes airing every Wednesday at 8pm.

From Channel NewsAsia, "OMG! Here comes a new challenger!".


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