the nooka team

we are officially announcing the creation of team nooka, our first sponsored team of athletes and entertainers. beginning in aw 2010, we will release special edition products co-designed by each athlete and entertainer. with team nooka, we hope to create a foundation to support the sports and lifestyles of the majority of nooka’s fans and customers. as nooka continues to grow, new athletes and entertainers will be signed to the team.

we are pleased to welcome pro fmx rider, destin cantrell as well as pro bmx rider, mike spinner. at only 20 years of age, destin has been riding freestyle motocross profressionally since he was 15. he is a focused athlete with swagger that the cameras love.

mike spinner burst into the bmx scene in 2006 and has performed tricks never done before- the 1080, 720 tailwhip and quad whip. he is definitely a media favorite, appearing on the jimmy fallen show, cbs morning show, as well as a national nike commercial.

the creation of team nooka follows the success of partnering with red bull during their new york bc1 competition as well as their sponsorship of the van’s warped tour. come july 29 - august 1, we will be sponsoring the summer x games in los angeles.


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