Miss Seoul Kim Juri in Miss World 2009 & Miss Universe 2010 (or why she should not participate in the latter event!)

Okay. Concentrate, peeps! So what does the news about the last year Miss Seoul Kim Joo-ri (or Kim Juri) to compete in Miss Universe 2010 after she battled in Miss World competition last year tell you?

First, she must be darn talented. (No argument there. She was the top 7 in that Miss World event!) Second, there is no other qualified contestant from Korea. The latter interpretation--if true--is sad, though.

Wasn't the title "Continental Queens of Beauty" in Miss World 2009 competition sufficient for her? It will be pleasant to read that she graciously declines the offer to join in Miss Universe 2010 contest.

Miss Korea Kim Joo-ri has a chance to become the next face of the international community when she competes in the upcoming Miss Universe 2010 in August, fans and media are speculating alike.

The 22-year-old has seen her fair share of fame over the last year, since she was crowned Miss Seoul 2009. A graduate of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet School, the trilingual Kim recently placed seventh in the 2009 Miss World Competition. In fact, she is the first representative from South Korea to participate in two of the four global beauty pageants (composed of the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth contests).

Kim, who has lived abroad in both England and Russia, hopes to become either a ballerina or a diplomat _ following her idol, Audrey Hepburn _ in the future. Either way, the optimism emanating from the young lady is clear in her every action.

``I hope people don't give up on their dreams,’’ Kim told The Korea Times in an interview last year. ``I never thought I would come this far, but I have. If you really want to become Miss Korea, go for it and the same goes to everything else!’’

The 59th Miss Universe pageant will take place Aug. 23 in Las Vegas.

From Korea Times, "Kim Joo-ri to vie in Miss Universe 2010".


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