MediaCorp YouTube NewsSingapore's Channel (News in Singapore)

Interesting move. As from the Profile page on NewsSingapore's Channel (News in Singapore) from the YouTube:

There are not that many subscribers yet: 44 as per today. But hey, let's give this new (or should I say, 'news'? Ha. Ha.) channel a chance.

You can now keep in touch with news from Singapore on popular online video site YouTube.

MediaCorp has launched News In Singapore, a news channel on the site.

This channel aims to widen the reach of news from Singapore by tapping into the growing online and social media audience.

News clips will be come largely from Channel NewsAsia's nightly Singapore Tonight bulletin and will be made available within three days of its telecast.

To access News In Singapore viewers can go here or search "News In Singapore" under search option "channels".

A full range of news clips is also available here .

From Channel NewsAsia, "MediaCorp launches new channel on YouTube".


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