Marina Bay Sands: Show me the money!! (and I'll use 2 lawsuits if necessary)

Like Jerry Maguire, someone in Marina Bay Sands might have shouted, "Show me the money!!"--albeit with the wrong amount of $$$.

I really don't get it: what Marina Bay Sands (MBS) was trying to do?! See, some lawyers' group were allegedly owing MBS $641,245.57. So one would have expected the lawsuit to contest that amount, right?


MBS chose to first sue for $300,000 and then followed by the second lawsuit to claim for the remaining amount.

I. Really. Do. Not. Get. It.

The lawyers (who represent MBS) surely would be the winners in this incredible legal battle.

MARINA Bay Sands has filed a second lawsuit against lawyers' group Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) for not paying for their May conference.

The latest action comes even after MBS head honcho, Mr Sheldon Adelson, chairman and chief executive officer of its parent company Las Vegas Sands, has said that the casino wants to 'make love, not war' at the integrated resort's grand opening on June 23.

In this second suit filed on June 28, MBS is asking for full outstanding amount $641,245.57 owed, or $341,245.57 if it managed to claim the $300,000 it had sued for earlier on May 14.

The writ of summons for the second suit, however, has yet to be served, said IPBA spokesman.

MBS has up to six months to serve its writ, after which the suit will lapse.

The IPBA spokesman said he has met MBS on July 8 to discuss a settlement. No details were given on what the terms of settlement were, but MBS is supposed to respond to the offer by IPBA. But it has yet to do so.

From Straits Times, "MBS files 2nd lawsuit".


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