Mani the Parakeet: Netherlands the World Cup winner!

Is this time to support the 'local' talent? Heh. Singapore's very own psychic parakeet, Mani is said to have picked the right winners for all quarter final games & Spain-Germany semifinal. "Netherlands to win the World Cup final!", quoth the raven bird.

But nothing is reported about how many wrong predictions this mutant bird had given in the past.

So take his prediction with a lot of salts...and more importantly, bet responsibly. Just to take a note, Singapore Pools offer $3.00 return for every dollar bet on Netherlands compared to $.198 on Spain. In other words, there's more expectation on Spain to win.

Whether Mani the Parakeet is correct or not, he has definitely done Singapore proud. The news about his fame has reached the world! Check out Mail Online from UK, "WORLD CUP 2010: Paul the Psychic Octopus has competition as Mani the parakeet pecks Holland as his winners" and Vanity Fair, "Mani the World Cup–Predicting Parakeet Does Not Think Paul the Psychic Octopus Could Be More Wrong".

Singapore's home-grown psychic parakeet has picked the Netherlands to win the World Cup.

Mani, an astrologer's "assistant" in Singapore's "Little India" along Serangoon Road had also picked the right winners for all the quarter-final ties and the Spain-Germany semi-final.

This has led people from all over Singapore to flock to the roadside astrologer's table to find out if they will get lucky too, especially in their World Cup bets.

Mani and his owner, Mr Muniyappan, see about ten customers on an average day. Now, they entertain that many customers in just one hour!

With the World Cup in its final stage, Mani is now literally the talk of the town - and many are going with its prediction of the Dutch team winning its first-ever World Cup title.

From Channel NewsAsia, "'Mani the parakeet' picks Netherlands as World Cup winner".


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