Kerin Peh & Vernon Leong: 'Til Death Do Us Unite

The husband died ('mysteriously fell to his death') on the wedding night--the special moment which is supposed to be one of the happiest time of one's life! Who can withstand the pain? Kerin Peh, the widow was said to jump to her death earlier this morning.

Even if the couple do end up in a hell, at least they are now together and that will make any hellish place a heaven.

So a question of the day: will suicide send someone to hell?

Less than a year after her husband died on their wedding night, a widow was found dead at the block in an apparent suicide, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Ms Kerin Peh, 27, was believed to have jumped to her death from her Hougang Street 51 flat at about 2 am this morning.

Her husband Vernon Leong, mysteriously fell to his death at the Hilton Hotel on the night of their wedding last November.

Ms Peh's death occurred only 35 weeks after her husband died.

According to the Chinese daily, Ms Peh had previously tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists.

Shin Min also reported Ms Peh's neighbours as having heard the widow crying on the night of her death. Those who spoke to the Chinese newspaper said that the crying disturbed residents from sleep but stopped about 15 minutes before her death.

The Chinese daily also understood that Ms Peh's parents have always took turns looking after the widow and were afraid that she would take her own life.

From Asiaone, "Hilton groom's widow commits suicide".


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