Hush, Natalie Faye is naked!

Frankly I don't get it.

Firstly, I never hear about the actress, Natalie Faye. A quick check shows that she has two blogs (NatalieFaye & Pixie Dollhouse).

Secondly, the movie, Hush (the so-called 'Singapore's most erotic film') is merely a 20-minute show. Boo hoo!! Might as well categorized it as a short film. And no, it surely is not worthy to pay a full movie ticket just to watch a 20-minute Singapore's most erotic SHORT film!

YouTube clip, "Hush"

Thirdly, Board of Film Censors passed the show with no cuts. I feel at a loss for words. Or it should perhaps to be viewed as the show is totally harmless. No matter how naked Natalie Faye is, it doesn't deserve the sharp cut of BFC's scissors. That is to say, the show!

NATALIE Faye may be one of Singapore's first actresses to bare all in a Singaporean film. The 20-minute film, titled Hush, features a brief full frontal shot of Faye, among other steamy scenes.

Hush is being hyped as 'Singapore's most erotic film' and tells the story of a family with dark secrets. It has been passed by the Board of Film Censors with no cuts.

In an interview with RazorTV, Faye says that she has no qualms about taking her clothes off for the camera if the plot calls for it.

Executive producer Kelvin Sng says that no other local film has ever shown full-frontal nudity involving a woman, even though male frontal nudity has been featured in Royston Tan's 15, Ekachai Uekrongtham's Pleasure Factory, Kan Lume's Solos and other films.

After its gala premiere at the Cathay, the film will be screened for the public in Sinema at Old School in August.

From Straits Times, "First actress to bare all?".


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