GSS with SMRT 2010 Promotion -- what's wrong with the advertisement?

At first I don't get it. I've just received the email from SMRT with regards to a "GSS with SMRT 2010 Promotion" contest which will end by the end of this month. The contest is supposedly to start on 17 May.

So why only now is the junk mail about the contest sent out? I have no idea.

No to merely critize, I admit that the advert itself is nicely designed. The contrast of the colour of the poster. The simplicity of the shopping lady who is apparently making a call (to book SMRT taxi) after shop at SMRT Xchanges (either at Dhoby Xchange, Raffles Xchange, Choa Chu Kang Xchange, Tanjong Pagar Xchange, or Boon Lay Xchange).

A question lingers, though, if one is indeed shopping a lot at all these SMRT Xchanges, wouldn't one prefer to choose the train to a taxi for going home? To call a taxi when you're just nearby a train station doesn't seem to make sense to me. Really.


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