future product: nooka tattoo system

futurism is the central theme of every nooka product. we strive to think outside of the norm and in our upcoming series of genetic design innovations, nooka plants to release a unique tattoo process, and for traditionalists, inks to use in traditional tattoo processes.

these inks are based on a synthetic molecule coated with engineered rna and dna that causes skin cells to produce the pigments and/or scents associated with each color – ensuring that the colors will never fade and creating a fun interactive scent sensation unique to each design! these unique pigment producing processes are not only inspired by nature, they are sourced from the genetic diversity of our amazing planet – with 3 lines: plant sources from fruits, vegetables and flowers; insect sources for vivid iridescence and colors that shimmer in light or tell their stories in polarized and invisible frequencies; and mycobic sources in our medical line.

red is engineered from a choice of either strawberry or rasberry dna, green from mint, yellow from lemon, orange from tumeric and all create modified cellular bodies that enrich your body with micro-nutrients. unscented versions are of course available. please note that allergy testing is necessaryfor the mycobial and some of the insect derived inks.

How about a colorless invisible tattoo that produces the scent of your favorite cologne? a wide range of scents are available.

the nooka tattoo printer can convert any digital art file into a tattoo that is micro-injected thru a patented ink-jet process to the epidermis [for a temporary tattoo] or the dermis for a permanent one. and the beauty is that all tattoos can be removed with a UV pulse laser treatment! many of the my-cobial pigments can be applied topically or with an easy to administer bath
tablet. How about a floral tattoo that actually smells like flowers, or a scarab design that perpetually shimmers in the sun! WOW!

imagine a sunscreen you apply once that is invisible and weightless and creates a luscious fake tan without depriving the body of vitamin a and d! nooka screen does just that! a bioengineered symbiotic myco network built around brown chlorophyl modified from the japanese maple in a stunning array of skin tones is colorless until exposed to sunlight. sun exposure activates the chloroplasts creating a natural ‘tan’ that protects you from harmful rays. another part of the custom genome causes the symbiot to release vitamin a and d into the blood stream! WARNING, extended exposure to sunlight may cause a thin film of sugars to form attracting flies and other insects in certain environments!


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