Corrinne May 2010 NDP song "Song for Singapore"

Corrinne May and yes, she is a fantastic singer. Sample some of her most popular singing in YouTube, "Corrinne May - The Birthday Song - Happy Birthday" (635,167 views so far), "Fly Away" (460,674 views), "Corrinne May - Everything in its time" (135,547 views), "Corrinne May - On The Side Of Me" (74,344 views).

You can find out more about her in her official website, "corrinnemay" or refer to Wikipedia, "Corrinne May" (indeed, she is that popular!).

Check also the YouTube clip on her "Song for Singapore" (the NDP 2010 Theme song) here.

ONE of Singapore's celebrated songbirds Corrinne May will be giving this year's National Day Parade a soulful vibe.

The dulcet-voiced Singaporean will be keeping some 26,500 spectators at the Padang - and more than a million television viewers - in tune on Aug 9 when she takes centrestage to perform this year's NDP theme song, which she penned.

It is the first time that the Los-Angeles-based singer-songwriter has been picked and given the honour to sing for the nation. Ms May, who wrote a song with American songsmith Carole King, will join other solo pop artistes like Stefanie Sun and Kit Chan who have performed at NDP.

The three-and-a-half minute song started airing on television on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, show committee chairman Colonel Siew Kum Wong said members of the public had also penned and submitted their NDP ditties to his team. But parade organisers felt that many of them did not reflect the parade's theme Live our Dreams, Fly our Flag, said Col Siew. 'We wanted a song that was a better fit for the occasion and thought Corrinne's song was most appropriate.'

Col Siew also revealed more about the hour-long production, that will follow the military parade and Mobile Column display. The show is broken up into four acts inspired by the red, white, crescent and stars of the Singapore Flag. It involves about 3,600 performers and traces the Singapore story from its start and reflects the aspirations and dreams of Singaporeans, said Col Siew.

From Straits Times, "Corrinne May to sing for S'pore".


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