Condos affected by 17/07 flash floods

Cluny Court, Gentle Reflections, Tessarina, Opera Estate. They are some of the names of the condominiums affected by yesterday flash floods. Needless to say that one will think twice to purchase a unit in any of those affected condos.

That's definitely something to think about prior to committing to buy a condo: is this area prone to flash floods?

RESIDENTS in Opera Estate thought they were safe from floods.

For almost 10 years, since a $31-million drainage system was completed to shuttle away rainwater in the neighbourhood, the residents in the traditionally flood-prone area had been dry.

But they woke up on Saturday to find themselves in the soup - a muddy, teh tarik-coloured concoction of leaves, rubbish and sandy rainwater that gushed into their homes.

Neighbours screamed through partitions between houses at one another to alert them about the waters that went up to 38cm high at some spots, while trash bins, buckets and shoes went floating down the road.

Long-time residents said it was the worst flood they have seen since the 1960s.

Two rows of families, along Norma Terrace and Rienzi Street, were worst hit, with many saying their refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances had short-circuited, and caused the whole house's power to go out.

From Straits Times, "'Not supposed to happen'".

CLUNY Court has a two-storey basement carpark, and both levels were flooded on Saturday. As luck would have it, there was only one car parked there as most of the four-storey high building consists of shop units and it was early in the morning.

Mr Johann Soh, 33, a tenant since last December and the franchisee of Marble Slab Creamery on the first floor, said the previous flood on June 16 was limited to the lower basement and subsided rapidly.

But this time, it will take at least 10 pumps working and at least a day to get the carpark cleared of water, said Mr Peter Teo, a coordinator from E-tech Building Services.

Only then can other problems be fixed: like the power outage.

In Bukit Timah, the condominiums Gentle Reflections and Tessarina also had their carparks flooded.

A Tessarina resident who wanted to be known only as Mrs Ho, said that she had two cars trapped in the carpark.

From Straits Times, "Cars rained out".


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