Character Counts: A Balanced Woman

I just want to share some learnings I gleaned from listening to a series by Pastor Chuck Swindoll, called Character Counts.

Pastor Swindoll started off with some observations on today's women:
1. Some lack discenrment (sloppy thinking)
2. Some have become masculine (independent, rights-fighter)
3. Some are vanilla shadows (spineless persons)
4. Some are terribly confused (Christian women in a quandary)
He reminds us that no woman should take her cues from a society which delivers idealistic and unfounded expectations.

Causes of extremism among women today:
1. Misunderstanding and misapplication of submission
2. Failure on men to: think clearly, lead fairly, and release unselfishly
3. A strong action from the system to liberate women
4. Equally strong overreaction from the Church to keep any independence from happening

Satan is the expert of extremes; the Lord is the bulwark of balance.

He says, "Nothing is more distasteful than a masculine woman. I think it's beautiful that God created sexes and it's a tragedy that there is a reversal of roles."

How do you define a balanced woman?
1. A balanced woman sees the Scriptures as vital - God's authoritative Word and will for her life. Get out of the cheap and silly magazines and get into the Bible! 

2. Sees herself as valuable, gifted, responsible for her own growth toward maturity
Stand up for what is righteous - don't just stand back and let the men do the talking.

3. Sees the Lord as her refuge and buffer when things refuse to work out right
A balanced woman of God doesn't push or manipulate or turn on her feminine charm or try things to make it happen. If you are committed to the Scriptures and you have a healthy view of yourself .... He will not let you down. He may not give you what you want but He will give you what He wants you to have.

How to become a balanced woman of God? Simply by:
  • Becoming a serious student of the Bible
  • Guarding oneself against either extreme - the militant mentality or the passive helpless role that lacks maturity
  • Committing oneself to working through conflicts of life rather than running from them
*Read more on Acts chapter 16 - 21.


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