“Aesthetic Life” by Kasemsak Tranucharat & Rasee Sornbanjong

Galerie N is pleased to invite you to visit our art exhibition
“Aesthetic Life”
By Kasemsak Tranucharat & Rasee Sornbanjong
3 – 31 August 2010
The opening reception is on Tuesday 3rd, August, 6 pm @ Galerie N

“Aesthetic Life” is a duo-exhibition by Kasemsak Tranucharat and
Rasee Sornbanjong. The artist probes and explores deeply beneath the surface, he presents his thoughts
through a variety of human faces whose expressions intensely reflect life, emotions and feelings.
His black brushwork signature intensifies these sentiments.

Rasee’s works reflects impression towards nature and scenery of the sea.
She expresses her works through the mix technique of painting and collage on canvas

The dimension of scenery differs by time and feelings…the overlapping of technique
and color creates a dimensional aspect to the scenery and emotion.
From diverse inspiration and the lives of two artists spring creative artworks that are vibrant and bursting with life…

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