Will Cotton inspires Kate Pary to pose naked on top of candyfloss...

Yuck. But who this Will Cotton by the way? A quick google on the name leads to some fantastical paintings. Take this one in the left for example. Does it really look like painting?

The two lady are supposedly lying (without any clothes on) on the top of the cotton candy clouds. I would have thought it's merely clouds with perhaps the dusk setting. It's still a fantastic painting, though.

By the way, there's even a Wikipedia article on Will Cotton. It's said that Will Cotton is an American painter and that his work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets, often inhabited by human subjects.

American singer Katy Perry, 25, posed naked on top of candyfloss for her latest album's cover -- all in the name of art. The fiancee of British comedian, Russell Brand, collaborated with painter Will Cotton to produce the cover for her second album Teenage Dream.

"Yes, I posed naked for the album but you can't really see that much of me," said Perry, who is slated to marry Brand soon.

"I love the artwork of Will Cotton and saw one of his works that had cotton candy lying around with different kinds of women in it. It was subtle. I wanted to be in that world and decided to use that for my album's cover," said Perry, whose parents are both pastors.

The singer is in town for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010! concert at the Sunway Lagoon Resort today.

Perry refused to talk about her personal life at the roundtable interview.

Clad in a black dress with metallic embellishments, Perry appeared friendly and joked with the local media once in a while.

"I have a lot of personality in me that I wanted to show. Sometimes, I want to be fun, quirky, weird and all," Perry said.

The California-born was just a girl next door who grew up listening to gospel songs and singing in church when she was 10. Today, she has sold more than five million copies of her debut album, One of the Boys, which contains hits like I Kissed a Girl, Hot n Cold, Thinking of You and Waking Up in Vegas.

Teenage Dream will be released on Aug 30. Perry wrote all the songs in this album and collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg in the first single, California Gurls. The single reached No. 1 on the Billboard Digital Songs and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"I collaborated with other composers, too, in writing songs. I think the lyrics are really important because those are the things that end up on T-shirts. They need to be memorable," said Perry.

"But it doesn't mean that I make the best songs even though I composed them myself."

Teenage Dream was inspired by Perry's life in her hometown, Santa Barbara, California. "I can't run from where I came from, nobody can."

Other songs include The One that Got Away, Peacock, Firework and Who Am I Living For.

"My parents haven't heard my new album yet. I'm sure they are going to grunt when they hear Peacock," said Perry, who hopes to move her fans emotionally and physically through her new album.

"When I was touring, I wanted people to dance more. So I wrote an album that made people move, yet didn't sacrifice the story substance that I had on the last record," said the two-time Grammy-nominated singer.

After here, Perry will be performing in Singapore's SINGFest on Tuesday.

From Asiaone, "Katy: I was indeed naked".

i love dust nooka race

we wrote this blog post april 27th but never posted it! WTF?!?

well, here it is now.

ilovedust has done some incredible work for nooka – their custom nookanookas, custom zubs and now this amazing animation! this awesome animated video features a track by one of matthew waldman's favorite french electro artists, aberration chromatique. ilovedust's love of lamborghinis and the geometric shape of nooka zenh helped create a truly unique visual with strange creatures of their imagination.

be sure to check out all of the awesome work that ilovedusts does here and the sick beats by aberration chromatique here!

follow nooka on facebook and twitter!

What To Do In A Zombie Attack

Oh yes, do check out this 'educational' clip, "What To Do In A Zombie Attack". So far almost 1,9 million viewers have benefited. Heh.

OMG - One Moment of Glory

I really can't tell how different this talent show, "One Moment of Glory" will be compared to another competition, "America's Got Talent". We just have to wait and see...

Featuring ten contestants ranging from fire-eating magicians, singers and even pole dancers, Channel 5's brand new talent show "One Moment of Glory" (OMG) promises to light up the screen when it debuts in August.

"One Moment of Glory" will be hosted by Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong and presided over by celebrity judges Irene Ang and Mark "The Flying Dutchman" van Cuylenburg.

Various celebrities such as actresses Jeanette Aw and Beatrice Chia will also appear as special guest judges over the course of the show.

However, the main draw of the show will not be the celebrity judges or the performers, but the 'challenger' mechanic that will constantly threaten contestants with elimination.

Unlike previous talent shows where audiences only get to vote to determine the winner, OMG will invite the public to enter the fray as the show progresses.

Members of the public can send videos of themselves showing off their talents to the show's organisers.

If they are shortlisted, they will be invited to get on the show from the second episode onwards to challenge any of the contestants for one of the eight berths that will qualify them for a shot at the S$50,000 grand prize.

If the challenger wins, he replaces the original contestant and takes over his spot in the eight. Of course, he will then have to defend his own position from other challengers that will turn up.

The number of berths will gradually reduce from eight to five and then four to one as the competition progresses, with only the top performer walking away with the prize, causing the competition to heat up exponentially as the weeks go by.

When asked about the 'challenger' mechanic, Chong said that it will add a lot of excitement to the show and recounted how glory can be fleeting.

"There was one contestant. He was in and out in the same episode. It was really just one moment of glory," Chong recounted.

"You never know how long you'll be on the podium," added Singh sympathetically.

Celebrity judge van Cuylenburg was overjoyed for the chance to preside over the contest and felt that allowing the public to join in the fun was a welcome change from the way talent competitions are usually run.

"I finally get to do what (acid-tongued radio DJ) Glenn Ong does every morning. Judge people," said van Cuylenburg excitedly. "If you always watch these TV shows and go 'I can do better', now is the time to bring it on!"

"I want to see people who are willing to go the extra mile and develop as the weeks go on. Show me that hunger, show me that want to improve, and I'll try my best to keep you in," he added.

"One Moment of Glory" debuts at 8pm, August 9 on Channel 5 with subsequent episodes airing every Wednesday at 8pm.

From Channel NewsAsia, "OMG! Here comes a new challenger!".

NEA Litter Munchers nom nom nom your trash!!

Check out the comical clip, "Attack of the Litter Munchers". I like the analysis part: Litterbug Youth with Composition of Responsibility 0%, Friendliness 0%, and...Littering 100%. Lol. Well done, NEA.

THE National Environment Agency is putting a new spin on litter bins as part of a nationwide campaign to curb littering.

Called litter munchers, these litterbins have been embellished to help engage youths to take ownership to keep their surrounding environment clean.

The litter munchers initiative underpins NEA's targeted public outreach and education efforts to change littering behaviour in Singapore.

In a one-year sociological study by NEA which interviewed 1,500 students, 69 per cent admitted to littering and 23 per cent even said nothing will stop them from littering.

These youths also played down the impact of littering on the environment with some reasoning that littering provides cleaners with jobs.

In addition, the study showed that more than 78 per cent of those aged 17 and above expect the Government to be responsible for keeping public areas clean.

These make the youths a key target group for NEA's thrust to instil a stronger sense of ownership of public places and to promote an anti-littering behaviour.

'The little munchers initiative is part of NEA's efforts to reach out to young Singaporeans to impress upon them the right social behaviours in a fun and amusing way. It complements the punitive approach we take towards litterbugs,' said NEA CEO Andrew Tan.

The litter munchers will also be incorporated into a skit to deliver the anti-littering messages in all primary and secondary schools.

There is also an interactive website www.littermunchers.com.sg, to engage wired youths through contests such as 'Vote for Your Favourite Muncher', 'Bin Bin Game' and 'Design Your Own Litter Muncher'. In addition, youths can download cut-outs to create their personal muncher.

NEA has also roped in local celebrity Edmund Chen as its first cleanliness ambassador.

From Straits Times, "NEA unveils litter munchers".

nooka at x-games

starting july 28th through august 1, be sure to stop by the nooka tent at the summer x- games to meet team nooka! members of the team will be at the tent during select times for autographs. while there, be sure to inquire about the nooka x-games special discounts through www.subports.com- 40% off select nooka watches. sign up for subports early by texting 767825 (PORTAL) on your mobile device, or online here.

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nooka sighting: lola

text by michael a. traverzo

with a behind the scenes look at the material girl clothing line commercial, madonna and daughter, lola, were photographed catching lola wearing the grey and pink nooka zub zenv 20. at only 13 years of age, lola is a fashion guru with her material girl line, which will debut in august in macy's stores in the us. be sure to pick up your grey and pink nooka here!

noo musik summer 2010

i have been reviewing and buying a shit-load of music this summer trying to find something that will blow me away or at least become my summer soundtrack. lucky i am so well-connected with my favorite labels that i get previews to upcoming stuff so i can maintain my feeling of being extra-special. so here is a short list of what's on the heavy rotation in casa nooka, le premier laboratoire de l'innovation de conception et de l'imagination:

black city by matthew dear
"Matthew Dear’s Black City can’t be found on any map. It’s a composite, an imaginary metropolis peopled by desperate cases, lovelorn souls, and amoral motives. Like most literary Gothams, Black City is a place to love and hate, as seedy as a nightclub’s back room and as seductive as the promise of power. Matthew Dear, the musician, may live in New York City, but the Matthew Dear of Black City inhabits a sound-world unlike any other: a monument to the shadowy side of urban life that bumps and creaks, shudders and wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Black City is Matthew Dear’s third album on Ghostly International, and it’s his darkest and most engrossing work to date." --ghostly.com preorder at only $7.99 is a great deal as well.

atlantique by minitel rose
a tight collection of retro future pop sounds from one of my fave french purveyors of electro-pop. it's more 80s than the 80s ever were which makes it 160 i think. french accented english and falsetto back up vocals with sequencers always create a sound that makes me energized. buy a copy here.

disconnect from desire by school of seven bells
"School of Seven Bells take their magic seriously. Symbols, myths, mantras—in the hands of sisters/vocalists Alejandra and Claudia Deheza and guitarist/producer Benjamin Curtis (formerly of On! Air! Library! and Secret Machines, respectively), these mystical practices become achingly human, methods of making sense of an emotionally complex world. School of Seven Bells’ sophomore album Disconnect from Desire—the follow-up to the Brooklyn trio’s breakthrough Ghostly debut Alpinisms—takes its title from one of Brian Eno’s oblique stratagems; its’ cryptic album image is a “sigil,” a mystical figure containing the energy and intent of the album entire. The real magic of Disconnect from Desire, though, lives in its music: ten tracks of soaring, visionary dream-pop from a band working at the height of its powers." -- ghostly.com buy from the ghostly store here.

maya by M.I.A.
clever, interesting, engaging – a hot sweaty sound that could as well be the sound of a NYC sidewalk in the unforgiving summer sun with boys and girls of all shapes and colors bouncing in the sexy heat. i'm impressed. get it here.

dark night of the soul by danger mouse and sparklehorse
the list of collaborators is stellar [david lynch, julian casablancas, iggy pop!]. it's good to hear that there is pop head-music still being produced that can be appreciated by adults [as opposed to teenage goths]. good night music and for drives alone. moreover, how can you not love anything with the name sparklehorse in it? it makes me think of my pretty pony all grown up! get yours here.

night work by scissor sisters
i was honored to be invited to a secret concert of theirs under their secret moniker, queef latifa last year where i thought i heard tracks from the "night work", but it seems they scrapped all those tracks in favor of this collection, which i must admit, is better. i was hoping to see a roxy music cover in the album but perhaps that will be a single b-side? the sound is reminiscent of "something going on" by frida meets "desolution boulevard [us version]" by the sweet. that pretty much sums it up. still can't get my head around how they are so big in europe and not here, but then again, i still have no idea who taylor swift is aside from the kanye fiasco. buy night work here.

white magic by ceo
this has got to be the most enigmatic recording i've bought on itunes this year. it is moments of pure aural brilliance and seemingly intolerable drivel which somehow melds into a very strong expression of pop music. it is basically the abba of electronica as panda bear is the beach boys of alternative. gosh i'm good at the combo metaphor descriptions this time around! it's no surprise they are from sweden. buy it here. (for those into swedish indies, it sounds like the tough alliance because, well, basically it is)

crystal castles (II) by crystal castles
sometimes you want a band with a sound you like and basically, every song sounds the same. like stereolab for example. the whole 'if you want to do something, do it well' school or more that consistency is an excellent branding tool. who wants mcdonalds to taste different each time you have it? well, crystal castles does NOT fit into this mold. this album has them delving into a plethora of varied pop, dance, electro and moody soundscapes. i hear they are little bitches on stage but that's OK, i'm too old for music festivals. buy this here.

and a bonus for you! the komputer cast mix free download

how 'bout the cool foto from my kitchen window?

IPO Kreuz: Day 1 trading (29/07/10)

To follow up to this post, "Kreuz Holdings IPO", the counter was enjoying a good day 1 trading today. It closed at 33 cts (compared to its IPO price of 27 cts), it's one of the top 20 volume traded at 76,972,000 shares changing hands. It's intraday high at 34.5 cts & low at 32 cts.

But no, somehow I'm still not interested in this stock.

StarCraft II - Ghost of the Past trailer

Cool clip, "StarCraft II - Ghosts of the Past Trailer". The actual title of the game is "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty".

Too bad I'm not really into gaming. Heh.

IT IS a classic that set the standard for real-time strategy games and the sequel took 12 years in the making.

At half past noon on Tuesday, thousands of eager fans finally managed to get their hands on Starcraft II, the sequel to the game which has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide.

Funan DigitaLife Mall, the venue for the sequel's release on Tuesday, estimated the number of fans to be over 10,000.

Among them was the chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Mr Lee Hsien Yang, and his son.

The first in line, 23-year-old Nicol Tan, a student chef, had been waiting since 11am the previous day.

'As a hard-core fan for more than 10 years, I wanted to come in early to see how Blizzard sets up the stage because it's a once in a lifetime experience,' he said.

From Straits Times, "Starcraft draws thousands".

Raya Harmoni, Hari Raya light-up

Mark the date. It's on 6 Aug when Geylang Road will be lit up to celebrate Hari Raya. There will be performances by Andrew Andhika & Chelsea Olivia. A lot of photo opps for sure.

GEYLANG Road will be alight with colourful lights and decorations to celebrate Hari Raya next month.

Majlis Pusat, which was chosen by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to organise the annual light-ups for the past 13 years, expects crowd turnout at the 49-day event to hit two million.

This includes the turnout of 20,000 expected during the launch of the light-up on August 6, which will feature performances by artistes such as Andrew Andhika and Chelsea Olivia from popular soap opera Tasbih Cinta dan Melati Untuk Marvel.

This year theme is on Raya Harmoni, to coincide with international racial harmony day, which falls close to it.

The light-up cost $300,000 to put up: Half of it was funded by organisations like the Singapore Tourism Board and StarHub, while the remaining was forked out by Majlis Pusat through fund-raising activities.

From Straits Times, "Hari Raya light-up on Aug 6".

journey with a different vision

THE JOURNEY BEGINS .....................

THIS IS ALL ABOUT A ART WORKSHOP , INTARACTIVE EXCHANGE , PHOTOGRAPHY , VIDEO DOCUMENTATION OF INTARACTION WITH MR TAN SIAH KWEE RENOWNED CALLIGRAPHER , PRESIDENT ( CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE ) ,JOON TAI WELL KNOWN CALLIGRAPHER FROM SINGAPORE   see  his  blogs ( http://joontai.blogspot.com/  ) ( http://icalligraphy.blogspot.com/  ) ,   SEMINAR ETC .............. ( picture of rajib bhattacharjee with joon tai in singapore )



TO  ME ...........

MASTERS  OF  BRUSH  ........................

IN SINGAPORE ............

SINGAPORE .............

Live On Film Competition

The “Live On Short Film Competition”, organised by the Ministry of Health (MOH), aims to raise awareness of organ donation amongst the youth in a meaningful and creative way using an emotive platform to engage people at all levels. Through creative story-telling, we hope the short films can promote discussion on organ donation and address some of the concerns regarding organ donation.

Every year, there are more than 500 patients waiting to receive a life-saving transplant in Singapore. For these patients, the wait is not only agonising but also emotionally draining. We hope the films can convey the importance of organ donation and how a life-saving transplant can change the lives of patients in need. Through the films, we also hope to encourage discussions on altruistic living organ donations, and how all of us have the power to help our family and loved ones should they require an organ transplant.

Organ donation is also an emotional issue with many concerns on the ground. For example, some may be less open towards the idea of organ donation because of set beliefs and traditional values, while others may have certain misconceptions on organ donation. Participants are encouraged to think about some of these issues and discuss them in their films.

Participants are required to send in their original script and proposed production budget by 16th August at www.liveonfilms.sg. Five teams with the best short film proposal will be selected in August and be given up to $3,000 funding plus the prize of a Seagate external hard-drive each for the production of the short films. In addition, the selected teams will participate in a mentoring workshop with renowned Director Royston Tan. The teams will be given two months for the production of the films. All final works are to be submitted by 30 November on the Seagate external hard drive which will be returned to them after the competition. The final winner will be announced in December.

Visit the Live On Film website for more information.

Share Happy Singapore (Video and Photo Competition)

Walls has teamed up with comedian, presenter, Gurmit Singh to inspire Singaporeans to share more happy moments everyday. Wall’s will be sending out smile squads with free ice cream, introducing a new vending machine that will giveaway free ice creams if you smile, whilst 2 Happy people -Dawn Wong & Joshua Barker Tan - will be trying to inspire spread and happiness in the most unexpected way. All of this to make Singapore little bit happier.

And you can participate in a number of ways !

Join the movement to Share Happy by:

1 Submitting a video capturing a little moment of happiness and you could be on TV on August 18th!

Upload your videos through this facebook application

The top 3 voted videos will get their clips aired on Channel 5 on 18 August, so here's your chance to be seen and heard!

2 submitting a picture to win a year’s supply of ice cream

Click for photos!

3 Smiling into one of Walls' vending machines or for one of our smile squads and win a free ice cream!
Share and vote for happy videos that you like ! And get free ice cream !

And invite your friends and family to join the movement, to share more happy!

7th Singapore Short Cuts

A Programme of the National Museum Cinémathèque
Co-presented by the National Museum of Singapore and The Substation Moving Images
31 July, 1, 7 & 8 August 2010
Free admission with tickets
Celebrating its 7th edition this year, Singapore Short Cuts continues to be one of the most popular and widely anticipated showcases of local short films in Singapore.

This year’s programme features a diverse selection of some of the most innovative and outstanding recent Singapore short films as well as a retrospective of Singapore filmmaker K. Rajagopal, a three-time recipient of the Special Jury Award for the Singapore Short Film Category at the Singapore International Film Festival.

All screenings will be followed by discussions with the filmmakers.

Visit the facebook page for more information.

K. Rajagopal's films will all be screened on 8th August.

“The Colorful Brush” Art Exhibition

Welcome to our world of art
“The Colorful Brush” Art Exhibition

September 2 – October 8, 2010: 10.00 – 20.00 hrs.
at Reception Lounge, Lobby Level, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel

The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel in conjunction with
Pornparn Sridhanabutr, Sirirat Srirueng
and APDA Group Co., Ltd.
is pleased to present “The Colorful Brush” Art Exhibition

Two lady artists, Pornparn Sridhanabutr and Sirirat Srirueng fascinated by the charming world of art are united to showcase their passions of art journey featuring colorful paintings on perspectives of love, life, nature, imagination and beyond.

Masterpieces of honorable guest artists will also be proudly presented by Suchat Wong thong; Manit NiwateSilp; Samarn Klangjaturat; Thana Srithanabutr; Wattana Poonchareon and Chanchai Prachubmor.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to “Cardiac Children Foundation of Thailand” under the Royal Patronage of late HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Princess of Naradhiwas.

For more information, please call 02-261 9300 ext. 5938, 5945

Public Relations Department
The Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Sukhumvit 22
Tel. 02 261-9000 ext. 5938, 5940, 5945
E-mail : pr@imperialhotels.com

Inception (2010) trailer - LOST (s6) style

"You're talking about...dreams?"

Oh yes, there are a LOT of Inception trailer mash-up with other shows' trailers. What I like best is definitely this one, "Inception (2010) trailer - LOST (s6) style". So which mash-up version of Inception trailer do you like the most?

Consciencefood IPO

What annoys me is that I have not even tried the instant noodles product of Consciencefood. As much as I'm tempted to dabble in this stock, I might give it a miss.

From SGX.com: Consciencefood Holding Limited is principally engaged in the business of manufacture and sale of instant noodles and snack noodles. Instant noodles are the Group’s flagship product and are marketed under Alhami, Santremie, Maitri and Alimi brand names. The Group’s snack noodles are marketed under Hola Hole and Mikka brand names.

The Group’s focus is the domestic market in Indonesia covering six provinces in Sumatra Island, namely North Sumatra, Aceh, Riau, Jambi, West Sumatra and South Sumatra, and Java Island. The Group’s major overseas markets are Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Hong Kong, Palestinian territories, Madagascar and Singapore.

Go to SGX.com for its prospectus & more info.

CONSCIENCEFOOD, an Indonesian maker of instant noodles, yesterday launched an initial public offer to raise $18.8 million. It is selling 104 million shares at 22 cents apiece, which prices the company at 5.6 times historic earnings.

Consciencefood earned 3.9 Singapore cents last financial year, or 85 billion rupiah, on sales of 490 billion rupiah.

The placement of 96 million new shares and almost 8 million vendor shares represents 26.3 per cent of the company's enlarged share capital. Two million shares are available for public subscription, while the remaining 102 million will be placed out.

The invitation opened yesterday and will close at noon next Tuesday. Listing and trading of the shares on the Singapore Exchange is expected to start at 9am next Thursday. Collins Stewart is the manager, underwriter and placement agent for the public offer.

The net proceeds of $18.8 million will be used for promotional activity, the purchase of new machinery and manufacturing facilities and for general working capital.

Consciencefood chairman and chief executive officer Djoesianto Law said the busier lifestyles of Indonesian consumers will raise demand for convenience food like instant noodles. Sales of instant noodles in Indonesia are expected to grow from 1.09 million tonnes in 2009 to 1.25 million tonnes in 2014, he said.

Mr Law said the company wants to expand into new products, new instant noodle flavours and new markets in China and India.

From Business Times, "Consciencefood launches IPO".

An Indonesian instant noodle manufacturer, Consciencefood Holding, launched its initial public offering (IPO) yesterday for a Mainboard listing on the Singapore Exchange.

The group is offering 104 million shares at 22 cents each. Only 2 million shares will be for the public and the remaining 102 million shares will be placed out. Listing and trading of the shares are expected to commence on Aug 5.

Funds raised will be used for product range expansion and market penetration in Indonesia and overseas, and diversification into new products with higher margins.

From Today, "Consciencefood lodges listing prospectus".

GSS with SMRT 2010 Promotion -- what's wrong with the advertisement?

At first I don't get it. I've just received the email from SMRT with regards to a "GSS with SMRT 2010 Promotion" contest which will end by the end of this month. The contest is supposedly to start on 17 May.

So why only now is the junk mail about the contest sent out? I have no idea.

No to merely critize, I admit that the advert itself is nicely designed. The contrast of the colour of the poster. The simplicity of the shopping lady who is apparently making a call (to book SMRT taxi) after shop at SMRT Xchanges (either at Dhoby Xchange, Raffles Xchange, Choa Chu Kang Xchange, Tanjong Pagar Xchange, or Boon Lay Xchange).

A question lingers, though, if one is indeed shopping a lot at all these SMRT Xchanges, wouldn't one prefer to choose the train to a taxi for going home? To call a taxi when you're just nearby a train station doesn't seem to make sense to me. Really.

Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station by i-THAIPORARY CREW

i-THAIPORARY CREW proudly presents the annual performance , Take “Jeen Kasidit” the popular independent singer to Japan ByBTS alone !!! in “Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station”

After the success of “Sa-by Sa-by Dance Theatre Therapy”,the last year annual performance,this year,I-Thaiporary crew has prepared for their second show, “Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station”,using the similarity within the difference between Thai and Japanese society.

“Sa Ta Nee Shibuya-Sri Pra Ya Station” is made from a combination of an all-time favorited Japanese short stories and narrations such as The Grilled Fish , Hajiko , Yutsuya Kaidanetc. We would adapt these with loneliness and a sense of humor and there will be five stories that will be told by Jeen Kasidit , Num Kritsana , Out-Egg Akjiratikan , Rean Jantawad and Bubble Korakot.

The performance will be start on this 1-5 and 8-12 september,at 8.00pm on weekdays and at 3.00pm and 8.00pm on weekends ,perform@ NOSPACE GALLERY(RCA),near Rama9 MRT station.The ticket has only one price 350 baht,reserve the ticket and more information please contact 081-7000322 or check out for the performance updates at www.ithaiporarycrew.co.cc and www.nospacebkk.com

Who Killed Top of the Pops by James Johnson-Perkins

Who Killed Top of the Pops by James Johnson-Perkins
August 5 - 22, 2010
Opening Night: Thursday 5 August 2010, 7PM

An exhibition of new works by James Johnson-Perkins. Including a new video piece โShoot that poison arrow, created on his recent residency with the Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy.

Who killed top of the pops is a murder mystery of sorts, with: dark and troubling pretend polaroids, 70 Top of the pops album covers, which are turned into modernist collages and a selection of the finest sound tracks fromย games onย the 80 ZX Spectrum home computer.ย

James Johnson-Perkins is a British artist whom has exhibited in the USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Lithuania and the UK. Including:ย The IMAC Theatre, New York, USA, National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), Moscow, Russia, Toyota Museum of Modern Art, Japan, Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow and The Royal College of Artย (RCA), London.

He has recently had solo shows at: The Public, West Bromwich, UK, Kube Gallery, Poole, UK, DLI, Durham, UK, The King's Lynn Art Centre, UK, Red Gallery, Hull, UK, Art Gene, Barrow-in-furnace, UK and Exhibit Gallery, London, UK.

In 2010, he is the Artist In Residence with the Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy and The Bridge Gaurd, rovo, Slovakia.

Artist Links:

Nospace Gallery
21/108 Block D, Royal City Avenue (RCA)
Bangkok Thailand 10320
084-1341184, 02-6414040

YOG & O stands for Orgy, not Olympic?!

Well, that's what my prudent colleague commented in disbelief. We're talking about how condoms will be made available to officials & athletes in the incoming YOG (Youth Olympic Games).

No, the rings are not the top view of condoms of many colors

What I don't get is that firstly officials as they are not minor, surely they can purchase their own condoms as and when required. Ehm.

Secondly, if the youths are minor why then this magical rubbers are made available to them? Even the organisers were quoted to say, "We have to be mindful that the athletes coming to the Youth Olympic Games are minors and in accordance to Singapore's law, the age of consent for sexual activity is 16 and allowing free distribution of condoms within the Youth Olympic Village may be misconstrued by the young athletes."

And yet, they (the condoms, not the young athletes) are to 'be made available' as well for athletes. Kind of contradicting statements, I reckon.

Condoms will be made available to officials and athletes of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

It'll only be available at the medical clinic of the Youth Olympic Village (YOV).

In a written statement, the organisers said: "The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee and the International Olympic Committee had jointly agreed not to widely distribute condoms in YOV or any YOG venues on the basis that the athletes are minors."

The condoms are provided by UNAIDS - the Joint United Nations Programmes on HIV and Aids.

"We have to be mindful that the athletes coming to the Youth Olympic Games are minors and in accordance to Singapore's law, the age of consent for sexual activity is 16 and allowing free distribution of condoms within the Youth Olympic Village may be misconstrued by the young athletes," said the organisers.

Providing condoms at other Olympic events is not unusual.

Some reports say in the Beijing Olympics, 100,000 condoms were made available.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Condoms provided at Youth Olympic Village's medical clinic by UNAIDS".

Yahoo.com & Intimate Spouse???

The lovely couple who hijacked Yahoo.com???

The screenshot of Yahoo.com feat. Intimate Spouse???

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Production Talk - 'Labour Day' by He Shuming


Cik visits her old flat to collect rent from her two foreign worker tenants who are on their way to work – Zoe, a frumpy 30-year old Malaysian Chinese whose second application to be a Singapore citizen has just been rejected, and Purple, a study-mama from China, who is hiding a secret from her 12 year-old son.
LABOUR DAY is a quirky and quiet observation of how one goes to great lengths to pursue a better life in a city obsessed with progress and change.


What inspired you to create this film?

It was initially an idea of making a Singaporean film with non-Singaporean characters. Most of the time when I try to write something, I turn to my mother who's always provided me with much inspirations unknowingly. This is very much a story about women who are mothers, daughters, sisters and wannabe actresses.

How did you go about casting?

We sent out casting calls online, scour through drama groups, etc. Jasmine Koh (Zoe) is a theatre actress from Young & W!ld. Xiang Ling auditioned for Traces (another graduating short film) and we invited her to audition for the role of Purple. Zaliha (Cik) is a veteran TV actress known for her roles in Malay dramas, she was the Chinese opera singing macik in Chicken Rice War. I found the little boy from my alma mater, Maris Stella High School - there are plenty of Mainland Chinese students in the school's table tennis team.

Any interesting anecdotes to share about the production?

One of the other characters of the film was the spaces these characters occupied. The film was mainly set in Hougang New Town, where I grew up. The rainbow flat's been there for ages and in fact, the neighbourhood hasn't changed much. Well, it is an opposition ward but I think that's the nice thing about a neighbourhood that doesn't get upgraded much. There's something tranquil about it and you get a mix of foreign workers from Malaysia and China, new immigrants from India as well as your usual Singaporeans. There is something less 'plastic' about this suburbs than most HDB neighbourhoods.

When we were shooting at People's Park, we had to devise a plan to make sure people aren't going to stare into the cameras. The scene was when Purple solicited at People's Park, known to be a popular area where old retirees and women from Mainland China, well, hang out and be friends. It was a small crew that day - just me, my DP, his CA, and the AD with the actress Xiang Ling (who was dressed quite provocatively). The camera would be placed far away from Xiang Ling while she's instructed by the AD (who's on the phone with me) as she walked around, watched hawkers selling their wares, etc. She was approached by a few men, some whom were pimps, asking her if she had an 'agent' and how much her rates were. Xiang Ling was such a trooper, playing along and being in character.

What were your biggest challenges in making this film?

Hmmm, to bring out the realism out of the actors and make these characters believable. The very fact that these characters who are very real people, and portrayed by professional actors was a challenge.

For Jasmine especially, it was hard for her because she doesn't speak Malay and had to learn her line phonetically before progressing further in rehearsals. That was initially a problem for me, to have a Singaporean Chinese actress portray a Malaysian Chinese. But I realized it could be interesting to see if those differences between a Singaporean and a Malaysian. I guess in a way, not everyone were convinced. Well, the audience can decide for themselves I guess.

Any future plans after graduating from The Puttam School of Film, LASALLE?

I'm currently working on my reel for TVCs, looking at other types of collaborations and writing my next short film.

I need to get out of Singapore for awhile, I think. There are plenty of stories to be told here but sometimes we need to look at it from the outside. But realistically I will need to work for awhile first. We will see. :)

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nooka: jabari presents

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