Sumiko Tan: Marriage of the Year (or why I can't be bothered)

But, but...who is Sumiko Tan? And why the news of her getting married even makes it to the national newspaper, Straits Times?!

Well, so she is the editor for Sunday Times.

So she is once considered a life mystery when she lamented eloquently on why she 'never got married'. She was quoted in her article, "Feeling half a woman" published on Sunday Times 25/01/09:
"Is there something wrong with me? Is this all there is to life? Why aren't I married? Am I not good enough? Am I not lovable enough? Am I not capable of loving deeply and permanently? Have I been too fussy? Do I have bad karma?"

And so she is very much elusive that a google on her name (her photo, to be precise) lead to many artful illustration by Adam Lee (According to LinkedIn, he is an Editorial Artist at The Straits Times)

Say goodbye to Singles Corner, Sumiko!

But so what?! Sure we wish her all the happiness, and that. But please, move on. Just give us a real news. People do marry--even Singaporeans. That's not a newsworthy news, don't you agree???

AFTER years of looking for love, The Sunday Times Editor Sumiko Tan - Singapore's most famous single woman - is getting married. To her junior college sweetheart she met when she was just 16.

The 46-year-old, who is also supervising editor of Life!, Urban, Mind Your Body and Digital Life, has been baring her soul as a successful single career woman in a column in The Sunday Times since July 3, 1994.

The man sweeping her off her feet is 'Hurricane', a teenage crush from Anglo-Chinese Junior College. His real name is Quek Suan Shiau, 48, and he is an electrician and chess teacher based in Wales, Britain.

The ex-schoolmates reconnected in July last year - after 29 years - and he started making appearances in her columns as a friend.

Next month, he will be Sumiko's husband.

Read Sumiko's long-distance love and why she has decided to say goodbye to her life as she knows in The Straits Times Life! section today.

From Straits Times, "Sumiko is getting married".


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