Still by Alan Davis and Caroline C. Green

Exhibition : Still
by Alan Davis and Caroline C. Green
on July 1 - 30, 2010
at Rotunda and Garden Gallery, Bangkok

There will be an opportunity to meet the artists at an opening evening, which will take place on Friday 2nd of July, 2010 at 6pm

The Neilson Hays Library welcomes you to an exciting exhibition by two contemporary artists: Alan Davis and Caroline C. Green. They offer their insights into time and space through a series of illuminating images. They create a subtle world that explores ideas of suspended states and stills.

Alan studied at Mount Allison University, University of Toronto, and Queen's University and he has recently been appointed Head of Art at Patana International School. He is represented by Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts in Toronto. Alan's photographs resemble a fusion of painting and early historical photographic processes. The silver and gold metallic highlights of the photographs blend an antique and a modern aesthetic. Alan explores the "everyday" in his work but transforms it; taking something simple and making it monumental or sacred. He plays on the symbolic qualities of objects while the subtle tones and reflective qualities create a meditative resonance. Alan's work depicts an absence or void in time. The images of fruit and landscape are timeless, eternal and universal. The large format of his works is almost iconographic, presenting the viewer with the idea of the absolute. The photographs freeze the "known" in time, presenting it in a carefully crafted way that reveals nature as grand, holy and sacred. They are "Still" or "Holy" sites. Like a sacred relic; pristine and balanced, old and new, presenting a dislocated sense of time. The still life work contains a human element: the manmade objects. The main event though, is quiet; no quarrel, no conflict, no competition, no struggle. Alan acheives a slight tension or suspension from "being" (Still) in meditation through his work.

Caroline studied at the Royal College of Art and was awarded art scholoarships to The University of Kyoto and The University of Calgary. Caroline has exhibited her work in Japan, Canada, Germany and England and was a Fine Art research fellow in Printmaking at the University of Cheltenham. She has published her work in "Printmaking Today" and has exhibited in the Mall Galleries "National Print Exhibition" in London. Caroline has previously been awarded the Cohn and Wolfe Art Prize and the John Purcell Art Prize. Caroline's work is based on conflict and tensions, either physically or mentally. The human trace is apparent, a small voice in an overwhelming world. The human shadow appeals to the subconscious with an urgency that something is about to happen. Claustrophobic anxiety is seemingly oppressive or crushing: however, the human will keep on fighting. There is a struggle between the powers of the unpredictable elements and the physically weaker human subjects and the viewer feels suspended in a narrative frame. Caroline's new work describes a landscape of the body through space. By manipulating photo etching she creates a trance state where the self confronts the shadow in an emotional transference. Stark yet invisible, bodies mutate, contort and mask gesture. Caroline's works capture in pictorial stills an unsettled and elusive synthesis between time and space.

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Bangkok 10500 Thailand
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