Steadfast: The first made-in-Singapore independent action film Singapore!

Catch the secret ending after the credit where a scene is shown on more conspirators scheming to cripple Singapore's economy by blocking more canals--to be precise, culverts--which again shall in turn affect Orchard Road.

Just kidding.

Steadfast is touted as the first independent action movie produced locally. The short trailer looks promising (Check it out here or here). Well done & congratulations to the young directors, Linus Chen and David Liu!

A little 'what-this-movie-is-about':
The chairman of an international defense systems corporation attempts to reveal a major financial cover-up, but finds himself the target of an assassin. He also faces the pressure of his fellow directors to remain silent for the sake of their company.

Only a lone government agent is sent to neutralize the killer, but soon discovers a larger, more sinister scheme at work than a simple hit. In a violent world where the strongest survive, can the hope for peace remain steadfast?

Official website is at

Singaporeans can now look forward to the country's first independent action movie.

STEADFAST is the brainchild of two 24-year-old friends who share a vision on action.

Filmed entirely in Singapore with only a budget of $10,000, the 35-minute movie revolves around a chairman of an international defence systems corporation who finds himself the target of an assassin.

"Action as a genre, has a wider appeal, and it’s easier for audiences to (get into) the film through action. It helps (audience) identify with a character who's in an immediate crisis or in danger, and that's sort of like a hook for the audience - to want to know more about the character," said Linus Chen, director of STEADFAST.

The film is filled with never before done locally sequences like an office shooting scene and a car ambush.

And age proved to be a slight challenge for the two directors.

"Being young, I think, almost everybody will question our age because on the set that we're working on, the cast and the crew are probably older (and) more experienced than us. So they do sometimes question the way we do things because 'hey, I'm older than you, I've got more experience, who are you to direct me to do things'," said David Liu, director of STEADFAST.

"Getting them to believe in the vision and the script that I wrote and am going to direct is quite a challenge because most of the things that are in the script have never been done before in Singapore," he added.

STEADFAST took a year to produce, film and edit and will see its gala premiere on July 6.

From Channel NewsAsia, "First made-in-S'pore independent action film premieres July 6".


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