Sky Beyond My Garden by Potjawan Punjinda

Potjawan Punjinda by sky beyond my garden

12 JUNE 2010 - 12 JULY 2010
meeting the missing pieces | event: artist talk and critics
Saturday 12 June 2010 at 06:00 pm

angkritgallery is proud to present the young artist's first solo exhibition sky beyond my garden,. This show features a new body of work. On view through July 12, the exhibition including a small-scale paintings and photographs never-before-seen.

The sky is liked a memorandum of feeling at the moment. It is the place where no one can reach and turn back. For long, I engrossed and have been keeping time in photograph. I do tell the meaning of my feeling via paintings.
In my garden, there are memories and small happenings that I brought them to be blended with my imaginary, my dream and myself, thus, I can play on my own story. It became the world that fulfills the missing pieces , the world that people can reach whatever impossible. Just to be a character in my story.

about artist

Potjawan Punjinda (ChiangRai, 1983)
2544-2547 Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication with 1st honorarium)
2548-2552 Master of Arts (Media Arts and Design)
2551-2553 Hell School of Art

Working Experience
2548 – Present totell Bookstore
2552 - Present Exhibition Coordinator at CMU Art Museum

2546 One Day Ekabuk, Art and Culture, Umong, Chaing Mai
2548 Hybriditarian Exhibition : Media Arts and Design, CMU
2549 Don’t Happy, Be Worried, Ver Gallery, BKK
2552 Half way of Love, totell Bookstore

-Winning Gold Medal Award for painting in kindergarten school
-Winning honorable mention for primary representative in art and craft competition in Nakornsawan
-2540 Being the representative of Samakkee Wittayakom School in water painting competition
-2541 Winning the Best award for painting in the topic “Drugs kills you”
-2541 Winning the Second Best award for painting in the topic “Thai Culture Soon Torn Phoo’41”
-2547 Being the main character in the opera “Golden Fish and the Envelope” at CMU Art Center
-2551 Participating as the character in short film named “Soulmate”

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angkritgallery established in 2008, aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the gallery. Many artists showing at angkritgallery are unknown when first exhibited, not only to the general public but also to the commercial art world. We like to support for young artists to launch their careers.

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