Singapore Blood Stocks Indicator very very low...where are the blood donors???

Calling all blood donors! Especially AB type. Which as per the screen shot above (Singapore Blood Stocks Indicator dated today) shows a critical level.

Do help. Please. And who knows you may be able to catch the rare glimpse of Yours Truly either tomorrow or Sunday! (Yeah, it's not an attractive offer, alright. Dammit, dammit...)

The National Blood bank is running low. And the Singapore Red Cross and the Bloodbank@HSA are calling all blood donors who are due for their donation, to come forward to donate this weekend on June 19-20.

As of Friday, the national blood stock level is about 1,400 units, enough for the next three to four days.

To ensure the continued ability to meet the daily transfusion needs and bleeding emergencies, the current bloodstock level needs to be enough for at least six days' supply or 1,800 units.

This means some 750 donors are needed over this weekend.

The Red Cross and the Bloodbank explained that there has been a consistent dip in blood stocks level over the past ten days.

This is due to an increase in hospital utilisation and a decrease in blood collection in view of the school holidays.

Adding to this is the recent wet weather.

In Singapore, more than 350 units are needed daily to meet the transfusion needs of patients in hospitals.

All healthy individuals between 16 and 60 years, weighing at least 45kg, are urged to come forward to help.

The public can donate blood at the Bloodbank@HSA located at Outram Road.

From Channel NewsAsia, "National Blood Bank running low, calls for donors".


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