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As much as I'm a TV junkie, I'd have to give the news about 3D TV trial a thumb-down. I had an unpleasant experience while enduring a 3D version of the movie, "Clash of the Titans". So, no, thank you. And please do not translate this 'new' technology to higher TV tax.

Stereoscopic 3D is set to migrate from the cinemas to homes with the start of a one-year 3D TV trial by the Media Development Authority of Singapore, MDA.

The trial kicked off Tuesday on terrestrial TV, cable TV and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in partnership with MediaCorp, Starhub and SingTel.

It involves the 3D recording of the National Day Parade.

In addition to the broadcasters, several technology partners are also participating in the trial, including Panasonic, Ross Video, Evertz, XpanD and Multimedia Maestro.

MDA says it would enable the trial partners to test their transmission signals on different platforms, and address technical challenges in the delivery of 3D content to homes.

It also allows service providers to explore viable business opportunities as they harness 3D technology to provide consumers with wider choices and better quality.

MDA will also launch a S$5 million-fund to facilitate the trial and drive the development of content, talent and media services in the area of 3D.

Depending on the progress of the trial, the broadcasters may choose to extend the trial to include consumers.

MDA CEO, Dr Christopher Chia, said the success of 3D movies and advances in digital technology has sparked strong interest in 3D developments worldwide.

Deputy CEO Television at MediaCorp, Chang Long Jong, says as the national broadcaster, the media group is constantly exploring new avenues to deliver valued content to its viewers.

He says MediaCorp is firmly committed to the 3D TV trial and will produce content in 3D, starting with the recording and post production of this year's National Day Parade.

Concurrently, MediaCorp will commence technical trial this month to determine the most suitable technology standard."

From Channel NewsAsia, "One-year 3D TV trial kicks off in S'pore".

SingTel has announced it is the first in the region to enable content providers and television broadcasters to deliver 3D TV content to consumers in Singapore and abroad via high-speed satellite and land-based platforms.

The Singaporean telco will play a vital role in developing a national 3D TV trial by providing the infrastructure and capabilities to allow local broadcasters, such as its own mio TV platform, to play out 3D content.

SingTel’s latest venture is made possible with its multi-million 3D-enabled broadcast playout facility which will allow content producers and broadcasters to address technical issues prior to the island wide commercial roll-out of 3D TV services.

SingTel will also offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to aid media companies in every stage of the production process for content in 3D, High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) formats.

Titus Yong, SingTel's VP of satellite, said: “From playout services to content editing and post-production, SingTel has the full range of capabilities to make 3D TV a reality in Singapore and the region.”

He added: “We are proud to be catalysts for the development of high quality 3D TV content and services that will usher in an exciting new era for the broadcast and multimedia industry.”

From Media Asia, "SingTel to trial 3D TV content in the region".


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