POSB Everyday Card - please don't give us the new design!!

Well, I have nothing against the new design of the POSB Everyday Card--it shows the latest Singapore skyline. (The current look of the credit card is very dull.)

But what I do mind is that the new card offers an upgrade which I can do without: it will double-up as an Ez-link card.

Can you imagine having this new POSB Everyday Card in your wallet together with your existing Ez-link card? And ever think what will happen when you tap the wallet to the card reader? (C'mon everyone is doing that! No one really takes the card out from his / her wallet / purse for tapping it against the machine!) From which card the machine will deduct the fee?

On a second thought, it won't be a problem if you get rid of your Ez-link card altogether.

The POSB Everyday Card will get a new look that showcases the latest Singapore skyline that includes the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.

And it's not just the look of the card that gets an upgrade.

The credit card will feature the ATM function and can double-up as an Ez-link card, eliminating the need to carry a separate card for public transport commuters.

Cardholders with cars can also enjoy a cash rebate when they renew their HDB Season Parking licence online.

DBS said it has set out to create a card that Singaporeans can take pride in owning.

Currently, there are over 400,000 holders of the credit card

Existing cardholders will receive the new POSB Everyday Card by December 2010.

From Channel NewsAsia, "DBS' POSB unit revamps credit card".


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