Pole dancing on the SMRT Nanjing Subway

SMRT should have this kind of publicity especially during the opening of its Circle Lines. I can imagine how it will boost the train riderships. Heh.

Anyway, check out the hot YouTube clip, "Pole Dancing on the Nanjing Subway". Granted the dance move is sexy, but I'm quite wondering why the lady's face was masked white?! (see the screenshot above.) Censorship?

The new Nanjing subway line has been the stage for some pole dancing performances.

A Chinese forum reported that in the first occurrence, a woman suddenly grabbed the pole in the middle of the train car and showed off a sexy routine.

The second performance took place a day later.

Although initially shocked, passengers began taking videos of the performance on their mobile phones.

These videos began to circulate on the Internet.

Observant netizens say the pole dancing girl is the same person and that she had previously appeared at the Nanjing 2010 auto show.

From Asiaone, "Nanjing subway line's pole dancing girl".


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