An octopus (Paul the Oracle) says German will beat Argentina

Can you believe that prediction of this Octopus Paul? In any case, Singapore Pools favors Argentina to win (payment $2.10 for every dollar) compared to Germany (payment $3.10 for every dollar). Well, another good reason to bet on Germany for the coming 03/07 game, huh?

Do take note Octopus Paul has so far a 100% success rate in picking Germany to beat Australia, Ghana and England, as well as Serbia to beat Germany.

German football fans have another reason to hope as their team head for the World Cup quarter-final with Argentina - Paul the octopus has tipped Germany to win.

"Extremely tight - but luckily a win for Germany in the end," said those in charge of the octopus tank at Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen.

The handlers of the psychic octopus baited glass cubes with mussels marked with Germany and Argentina. The mussel Paul first chooses is viewed as its prediction for the upcoming game.

Paul headed straight for the Germany cube.

He has been right four out of four times so far, picking Germany to beat Australia, Ghana and England, as well as Serbia to beat Germany.

From Star, "Octopus tips German win".

Having correctly tipped Germany to spank England, the world-famous psychic octopus is back with a hot new tip: Germany to beat Argentina in the quarter-finals, either in extra time or on penalties.

Paul the Psychic Octopus, who has featured in Goaly Moly before, has a 100% record in predicting the winner in all four of Germany's games so far, and he's putting all his tentacles on ze Germans reaching the last four.

On Tuesday, Paul once again was given the choice of picking food from two different plastic containers in his tank, one with an Argentina flag on it and the other with a German flag.

The container Paul opens first is his tip.

This time Paul spent about 45 minutes before eating the food in the box with the Germany flag. All of which suggests that Paul thinks the match will be very tight - so extra time or pens it is.

Stick your mortgage on the Germans to win on penalties, as they often do. Paul is NEVER wrong, folks.

From Goaly Moly, "Paul the Psychic Octopus tips Germany to beat Argentina in World Cup quarter-finals".

Octopus oracle Paul on Tuesday hesitated but ultimately picked Germany to win -- again -- this time over Argentina in their quarterfinal matchup at the football World Cup.

Paul, who rose to global fame after correctly predicting all four of Germany's games in this year's tournament, indicated that Saturday's game will be a tough battle and that it may even end in a penalty shootout.

While English-born Paul made a snappy decision to pick Germany over his native country, this time it took the octopus about an hour to approach a water glass containing a mussel marked with a German flag, said Tanja Munzig, a spokeswoman for Sea Life Aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen.

Paul ignored a similar glass with Argentina's flag, but he also did not reach inside the German glass with his tentacles to grab the seafood goodie.

"Paul kept staring at the German glass and only when we wanted to take out both glasses, he finally jumped inside the German one and gulped down the mussel" Munzig said. "All of his behavior indicates that Saturday's game will be very tough and it may even go into extra time and penalty shootout -- but in the end Germany will win."

Two-year-old Paul has proven to be a reliable oracle in the past -- in addition to predicting Germany's win over England, he also foretold the victories over Australia and Ghana and the country's loss to Serbia. During the 2008 European Championship, he predicted 80 percent of all German games right, Munzig said.

Despite being a naturalized German, Munzig said, Paul is not a biased octopus and "he may even have some relatives in Argentina, who emigrated there many generations ago."

From Yahoo! News, "Octopus Paul predicts German win over Argentina".


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