noo music spring 2010

there have been some really good releases the past month. my 2 faves at the moment are:
where did the night fall by UNKLE and subject to shift by solvent. the UNKLE release has vocals from so many different great people, it's packed with enough aural texture and mood to keep you listening in a number of environments [work, romance, contemplation, flying, etc.]. solvent, one of favorite acts on ghostly records has not disappointed me with the new work – analog synths, rich textures, and a whole lot of fun in my opinion.

and back to the subject of collaborations, the david byrne + fatboy slim MUSICAL [yes, MUSICAL],
here lies love is based on the life of imelda marcos, the philippine dictator, is impossible to give a solid verdict on, but with vocals by róisín murphy, cyndi lauper and even tori amos, it's something worth listening to. i find some of the tracks to be very good, and i'd actually like to see a performance of this piece live [and i generally HATE musicals].

i hope you enjoy this mini-review. the image above is a detail from the installation i did for design glut's uncomfortable conversations exhibition during new york icff last month. read a review


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