MP Baey Yam Keng: The Cabinet

Don pray pray! Even an MP can produce a play. Can't say the title is exciting, though: The Cabinet.

In any case, this is not the first theatre works that Baey Yam Keng has produced.

It is three days before the opening night. Watch how a crew of six, each one woven in between this complex patchwork of real and make-believe, struggle to stitch together the story of one man De Bra who is possessed by a seemingly innocuous hobby that has the potential to unleash the sexuality of others. Watch them as they wrestle with faults and conflict within and without, thrashing against bonds both external and self-imposed. And as human creativity gasp for breath in this death match between what is necessary and what is merely arbitrary. Welcome to this great stage of fools. We cry we are one. The ETCeteras in collaboration with The Arts House, returns with a new original Mandarin white comedy about irreverent dressing and succession planning. And there is no better place to hang out with the dainty lingerie than The Arts House Chamber! Visit for more information.

From Eventful, "The Cabinet at The Arts House".

A theatre company with a crew of five struggles to stitch together Mei Mei’s Bra, a monologue about a man, his prized possessions and a cabinet. The ETCeteras, in collaboration with The Arts House, presents its 20th production, a white comedy about obsessions and successions featuring Johnny Ng, Leanne Ong, Lim Wah Long, Leo Lai, Molizah Mohd Mohteris, written and directed by Lim Hai Yen. 这5人缺一不可。在内忧和外患的舞台上,谁有资格决定,人在什么时候应该一丝不茍,什么时候可以一丝不挂?林海燕编导。 In Mandarin and English with English surtitles. More information can be found on the website

From, "The Cabinet Play".
MP Baey Yam Keng will be producing a play, titled The Cabinet, in July.

Despite a hectic schedule which includes a day job as a Account Director in Hill & Knowlton and his duties as a Member of Parliament, Baey still finds time to cater to his passion, theatre.

He has produced well-received productions, such as Want United People (Singapore Arts Festival 1998), Madam What's Next (Singapore Chinese Cultural Festival 2000) and Game Play (Huayi Festival 2007) with Singapore theatre company, The ETCeteras.

Founded in 1996, The ETCeteras is the only Singapore theatre company that adheres to staging original works in the local arts scene.

The ETCeteras's 20th theatre production, The Cabinet, will run from July 21 to July 25 and July 28 to July 30, at The Chamber at The Arts House.

Produced by The ETCeteras in collaboration with The Arts House, The Cabinet is an original comedy about nagging obsessions and succession planning.

"This play may venture on grounds that people think are taboo areas in Singapore. The Cabinet does have an interesting premise. The audience can look forward to a cleverly witted script and a strong performance by some of the best actors in Singapore," said producer and founding president of The ETCeteras, Baey Yam Keng.

From Asiaone, "MP to produce play".


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