Malaysia PM Najib Razak in the ridiculous quest of the Name for his kitty

a_x seeks name for this kitteh too!

Right. I can't believe this kind of news even make it to Singapore's very own Straits Times. So a certain prime minister bought a kitten. He looks for suggestions for a name for the cat. He can't decide on his own. That's scary. That's worrying. Okay, I stand corrected: it's a newsworthy after all!!!

Anyway, do check out the blog that started it. Titled, "The Little Things", as per 20/06/10 5:30 PM--screenshot below--there have been 225 comments on the post. The prime minister is an impressive blogger, I must (begrudgingly) admit.

PRIME Minister Najib Razak is seeking suggestions from Malaysians for a name for a new kitten he has bought.

'My family and I are in the process of picking out a name for it, but I welcome suggestions from you,' he said in his blog after a spur-of-the-moment purchase.

The orange and white Persian kitten is three months old.

The Prime Minister bought the kitten for RM650 (S$228) at the launch of the 'Buy Malaysia' campaign last Thursday, according to a posting on his blog, at

There is also a picture of him playing with the feline.

'While at the launch of the 'Buy Malaysia' campaign, I was able to make some personal purchases,' he said.

From Straits Times, "Najib seeks name for kitty".


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