Looking For a Vampire Woman Tattoo

It is after midnight and your craving a sexy vampire woman tattoo. You want to put a hot blood

sucker on your body? The vampire tattoo can be a welcomed addition to your Gothic lifestyle.
Join the tattoo trend that is sweeping the nation and get yourself inked!

No other tattoo screams out "Bite Me!", like a vampire woman tattoo. You don't have to be
Goth to enjoy a tattoo with fangs. You will see vampire tattoos on industrial and metal head
bangers. Again, the vampire tattoo can be worn by anyone and class does not have to be
a distinction. I knew a girl who dressed very preppy and when we went out for dinner I was
in for a suprise. She was wearing a shirt with short length sleeves, which she lifted to reveal
her dark tattoos. I never would have guessed she had those tattoos, but she had them placed
in areas well hidden.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can hide your tattoos during the day and let them out at night.
You can have a vampire woman tattoo on your arm with blood dripping from her mouth. You
even can have three vampire chicks on your arm! Have you seen the killer vampire movie
"Van Helsing(2004)?" This was not the greatest vampire movie, but it did have three voluptuous
vampire chicks. If you fashioned any vampire woman tattoo after one of these hotties, you
would have a winner. These brides of Dracula from the Van Helsing movie, looked like they
stepped out of a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog.

The book cover of The Magician's Daughter by Marilyn Granbeck(Manor 1977) has a
stunning vampire woman, who will leave you breathless. The vampire woman has long thick
black hair and is wearing a red dress(well-endowed). It appears she is wearing a sorcerer's
cape, which she spreads out with her arms like a bat. Simply by typing, "The Magician's
Daughter by Marilyn Granbeck" in Google, you will find this super sexy picture. The picture
will make a nice vampire woman tattoo for your back.

The key to having a hot vampire woman tattoo, is finding the hot chick to make it stand out.
Another movie, that has a cover of a stunning vampire chick is, "Hot Vampire Nights."
In "Hot Vampire Nights", Mina(Shelly Jones) plays the Lesbian vampire, who takes a bite
out of four victims and I would not mind being victim number five! Incidentally, Shelly Jones
is a model who worked with Playboy in the mid-1990s. She did another sexy cover for the
movie, "Lust For Dracula", which has the perfect vampire woman tattoo picture! She has her
mouth open wide, perfectly showing her fangs, red eyes, and fiery hot lipstick.

From Stephen King's "Salems Lot", to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, we just cannot get enough
of that beastly side we hold at bay. Bram Stoker's Dracula will continue to be the ultimate
description of the fictitious vampire in history. Do you want a sexy vampire woman tattoo?


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