Jetstar pilot die die must sms & caused a flight...aborted?! Well, allegedly so.

Jetstar flight JQ57 was 122 metres above ground when warnings were triggered, forcing the pilots to pull away. And that was allegedly due to one of the pilots sending an sms prior to the incident. Boo to that Jetstar's pilot if it's indeed true! Didn't he even read Wikipedia article about "Mobile phones on aircraft"? (Yes, I can't believe there's even such a gem in Wikipedia. Heh.)

AN ONGOING investigation into a Jetstar plane's aborted landing on May 27 at Changi Airport will involve claims of a pilot text messaging before the incident.

According to, flight JQ57 from Darwin was just 122 metres above the ground when an "incorrect configuration warning'' was triggered, forcing the pilots to pull the plane away.

The landing gears of the A321-200 plane, carrying 167 passengers, were reportedly not lowered down, said reports. The flight made a second run and landed safely subsequently.

It is claimed that one of the pilots was sending a text message on his mobile phone prior to the incident.

Both Jetstar and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, however, would not comment on the allegations, the Sydney Morning Herald said.

From Relax, "Pilot's text messaging allegedly behind aborted Changi landing".


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