Dreaming Space by Gi-ok Jeon and Pinnuch Pinchinda

“Dreaming Space” by Gi-ok Jeon and Pinnuch Pinchinda

Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
Time: 6 pm
Location: @Bongalleria, Bon Marché market Park, 105/1,Tesabansongkroah Rd., Ladyao, Jatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
“Dreaming Space – Open studio” by Gi-ok Jeon & Pinnuch Pinchinda
Opening Reception: June 18 Friday 2010 (Time: 6 pm.)
Exhibition Period: June 18 – July 18 2010

Grand opened early this year, @Bongalleria is pleased to announce “Dreaming Space,” two-person exhibition by Gi-ok Jeon and Pinnuch Pinchinda from June 18 (Fri) to July 18 (Sun). As an open studio concept, this exhibition aims to explore each artist’s artistic development of past, present and future.

Jeon and Pinchinda share commonality in their use of material such as thread and fabric and their creating manner as stitching and embroidering. Yet, each pursues very distinct and dissimilar subject and technique in their arts. Jeon connects herself to the society to which she immigrated by focusing on cultural implication of Thai traditional fabric and by applying bridging characteristic of thread while Pinchinda depicts her daily life by stitching on a fabric which becomes a pictorial diary.

“Dreaming Space” will represents not only their artistic worlds in time, but also their creative spaces as studios where the audiences are invited to work together with artists during workshop program.

Bon Marché market Park
105/1 Tesabansongkroah Rd.
Ladyao, Jatuchak
Bangkok, 10900 Thailand
Tel/Fax. 0-2158-0186
Gallery hours: Thesday-Sunday / 10am-6pm (Monday close)


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