Debrahlee Lorenzana: I'm too sexy for Citibank, too sexy for JPMorgan Chase

CBS News has more photos (HERE) for you to decide whether she's indeed to hot for a banking job.

...And too sexy for any other potential employers who have male employees?!

Yeah, right.

Anyway, just take a look at this interview video clip from CBS News & decide yourself.

In short, the 33-year-old Debrahlee Lorenzana was employed by Citibank & then fired. She claimed it's due to her being too sexy & caused the failure of cooling system in the Citibank organization. The bank insisted it's all due to her poor performance.

Now Debrahlee Lorenzana is employed by JPMorgan Chase...and still not fired? Then again, she was threatened by the current employer due to her 'taking time off from work to talk about her lawsuit' against Citibank.

At the very least, JPMorgan Chase has established that they are immune to Debrahlee Lorenzana's curvy charm. Hur hur.

What I don't understand, though, the current employer is upset that she takes time off. Uhm, that is her time off. Surely it's much better than to have her talking about her lawsuit DURING her working hours, isn't it?

In any case, it's heartening to see how a customer of JPMorgan Chase (one feisty 79-year-old lady, Annie Borow) has come to defend the hot banker. She's quoted to declare, "She (Debrahlee Lorenzana) should be allowed to talk, and if Chase fires her, I will stop banking with them".

Well spoken, lady.

On what may be a related news (or to be precise, a rumour), it's said that many of Citibank male employees have since resigned & applied for a job in JPMorgan Chase. Yeah, I wish! Heh.


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