A*Star presenting them, robots: Olivia & Lucas

Do check out this website, "ASORO" (A*Star Social Robotics) for more info on Singapore's first social robots, Olivia & Lucas. Check out also this event, RoboCup 2010 Singapore from 19 - 26 June this year for more robots.

OLIVIA and LUCAS, Singapore's first social robots will be unveiled at Suntec City on June 20.

An autonomous robot that interacts with humans, OLIVIA is able to detect lip motion, read human face and eyes and accurately locate the source of human speech in a 3D space.

Currently, OLIVIA recognises keywords and gives programmed responses. The next stage of development is for OLIVIA to understand and respond to natural human speech.

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OLIVIA is also programmed to respond appropriately to moods such as sadness, happiness and excitement. Its robotic vision and audition technologies will be implemented in a patrolling guard robot.

LUCAS was designed to provide information to visitors, carry drinks or patrol. It can be potentially used for healthcare and education, and further developed as a butler, or tele-presence which will make it useful in areas hazardous to people, such as infectious wards.

Said Dr Li Haizhou, Programme Manager of A*STAR's Social Robotics Programme: "The OLIVIA and LUCAS robots are the outcomes of our social robotics research programme aimed at benefiting future generations of the modern world that will likely see robots as part of their environment."

The robots are results of the integration of research capabilities of the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), the Data Storage Institute (DSI) and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech).

For more on A*STAR's Social Robotics Programme, visit www.asoro.a-star.edu.sg.

From Asiaone, "A*Star unveils Singapore's first social robots".


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