Positive Grace by Kasumi Katagiri

Exhibition : Positive Grace
by Kasumi Katagiri
on June 4 - July 17, 2010
at Gossip Gallery @ The Silom Galleria, Bangkok

" A simple and dynamic but something delicate shape which is proved by her excellent skill in throwing, and her marvellous colour and technique of glazing meet and combine each other to create Kasumi’s unique world."

About Kasumi Katagiri:
Kasumi Katagiri was born in Japan 1960.
When she moved to Hong Kong from Japan, she got a strong idea “do pottery”.
Then she started to study pottery work in Hong Kong. She always asked own question to her “Is this pottery your life work?” She always answered clearly by herself “Yes, I want to do pottery”. So she learned a lot of studio work and self-teaching for her own art work. She went back to Japan and opened her studio in Chiba Pref. Less than a year after opened her studio in Japan, she moved to Bangkok with her husband for his business. The life in Bangkok makes her work up enthusiasm in passion of her pottery. And she hopes to spread the fun of art ceramic in here. She and her husband therefore opened ceramic studio in Bangkok 1990.

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