“ Metallic tribes” By Winai Chaso

9 Art Gallery / Architect Studio
Request the pleasure of your company
at the opening of the exhibition of art

“ Metallic tribes”

By Winai Chaso

To be presided over by
Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz Chairman of The Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation
On Saturday May 15th, 2010 at 7.00 pm.
At 9 Art Gallery / Architect Studio , Chiangrai
( 100 m . from King Mengrai Monument to Maechan)
Opening hours Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 am. – 20.00 pm.
The exhibition will be on view until June 15th ,2010

Metallic tribes
From a mountain bordering Myanmar to a new life...

When he was 7 years old, Winai came down to Maechan with his father for the first time. At that time he could not speak Thai and the walk from his Lahu village, next to the Myanmar border, lasted two days. He entered the Suksasongkroh boarding school
of Maechan and stayed there 12 years.

In 2005, Winai participated to the "Hill Tribe Ceramic Project" with 11 other students. The
project was set up at Insii Thai House by what is now known as the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation.

A French sculptor, Paul Beckrich, had been invited to teach a special and precisetechnique of enameling ceramic... “A way to change ceramic into metal”...This project made the life of Winai take a new turn. It took Winai about 3 years of perseverance and hard work to fully master the technique. The foundation and the Rotary clubs of Maechan and Lampang further helped Winai by providing ovens and material but patience and perseverance were key to Winai’s progress.
All this work has transformed the life of Winai who can now make a living from his art.
The sculptures of Winai are inspired by hill tribes living in today’s world. While one can clearly
recognize the style and particularities of each tribes, there is also a contemporary touch with
a metallic feeling which make these art pieces unique.

Winai already made exhibitions in Chiangrai and Phuket, and his sculptures can be found
in several private collections, including the collection of the residence of the Belgian ambassador in Bangkok and H.M. King Norodom Sianouk of Cambodia.

From the remotest mountain bordering Myanmar to a new and better life…This exhibition is not only about ceramic sculptures, it is also about a young hill tribe artist whose life changed thanks to art.

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