Colour of Life by Opas Chotiphantawanon

"Colour of Life"
by Opas Chotiphantawanon
From April 3 – June 20, 2010
at Rose Garden Gallery (Nakhon Pathom)

“Colour of Life” by Opas Chotiphantawanon presents Acrylic and Oil Pastel paintings of the fascinating underwater world. Opas who has lived inseparably to the sea of Surat Thani sees the vast blue ocean as an astonishing home of marine creatures. Beneath the deep blue water, sea flowers are waving by the ocean current and fish of various kinds are moving freely with there vivid colours, continually adding another changing beauty to this mystic world. Sea plants, corals, fish, form the colorful smiley face like they are moving playfully as the background of the sea. These scenes have been relayed on the flat surface of Sa paper and the happily smiley face of us all.

For further information, kindly contact ARDEL Gallery at number 08-6890-2762, 08-4772-2887, 0-2422-2092 (Closed on Monday)
Map Information: 0-3432-2544

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