12th Very Short International Film Festival

Check out the official website for the 12th edition of the "Very Short International Film Festival". The site offers some interesting--and short--films (the very short film is by the way defined as "movies of less than 3 minutes without title and credits") like "Lucky day" (from the 11th edition of the Very Short International Film Festival), "Love is hard as walls" (from the 10th edition), "Changes" (from the 9th edition), "La vie en rose" (from the 8th edition), "Locust" (from the 7th edition, and also from Singapore!), "Sans Fil" (from the 6th edition), "Road kill" (5th edition), "Barking Tie Promenade" (4th edition), "Shi Bu Shi" (3rd ed.), "Poulet n°728120" (2nd), and "Le sourire" (1st).

Screenshots in the order of preference (I like alphabetical order!) as follows:

WITH more people turning away from their TV screens to watch videos online, film-makers now have to learn to grab viewers' attention fast and tell their stories before the next click of the mouse.

No wonder then that the Very Short International Film Festival features films that are less than three minutes long.

The festival, which started in France and is into its 12th international edition, will make its first appearance in Singapore on May 15 and 16 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre.

RazorTV is the official media partner for the festival.

Of the 1,000 entries submitted, only 51 films were selected to compete.

This includes two Singaporean films: Jac Min's Dawn and Darren Tan's Mummy.

Jac, a student at Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media, said: "It's a fresh platform for new film-makers because the big leagues like the Singapore International Film Festival is dominated by the bigger players."

As part of the festival, there will be a local competition to provide students and film-makers a platform to showcase their own very-short films. The film festival's jury includes local filmmaker Eric Khoo and RazorTV editor Jonathan Ng.

Said Mr Ng: "The beauty of the Very Short International Film Festival is that all the videos have to be under three minutes long. This forces the filmmakers to focus on the message they are trying to deliver rather than indulge in excessively high production values that distract from the art of film making."

To see how short films have become shorter, log on to RazorTV to check out last year's finalists.

From Asiaone, "Here's the long and short of short-film festival".


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