Walking on the Cloud by Wanlop Han-San-Thia

Exhibition : Walking on the Cloud
by Wanlop Han-San-Thia
on May 1 - 30, 2010
at The Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok

The thriving view of art in "Walking on the Cloud" Art Exhibition.

Wanlop Han-Sen-Thia, Lanna artist, is proud to present his two-dimensional semi-abstract paintings. This is his first solo exhibition and it features exceptional art pieces. They express the beauty inspired by his daily surroundings and also his travel experiences which have brought him peace and happiness. Wanlop is renowned for these inspiring and positive artworks. Wanlop expertly uses an acrylic colour-dotting on canvas technique to create the 2-dimensional paintings, which illustrate his feeling and attitude towards nature, such as forest, flowers, mountains and impressive architecture. Putting the small coloured dots together creates a soft and beautiful movement of colours and a positive feeling of peace and serene happiness which this good-natured artist hopes to share with interested members of the public.

Rotunda and Garden Galleries, Neilson Hays Gallery
195 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok,10500 Thailand
Open Tue / Thu / Sat 9.30-16.00
Wed 9.30-19.00 / Sun 9.30-14.00
Tel. (662)233 1731
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