Shadow Play - Dharma by Chusak Srikwan

Shadow Play - Dharma
Artist: Chusak Srikwan
Date: April 27, 2010 - May 30, 2010
Gallery: ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art

“Shadow play” is a kind of the local play in the southern part of Thailand. It consists of many art techniques in which have been widely known and developed along with the lifestyle of local people. The performance uses the local dialect and the story line that parts of it was developed from the Buddhist teachings helps acknowledge people in a less serious yet very nourishing way. Chusak Srikwan, an emerging artist from Songkhla, is inspired by this teaching approach and therefore creates the exhibition “Shadow Play – Dharma” by applying together his carving skill on leather and performing the shadow figures.

“Shadow Play – Dharma” is the combination of the Jataka tales which consists of Buddhist doctrines and the expression that symbolically appears through the shadow figures or in the form of Dharma puzzle. The intention here is to pass on the wisdom in order to encourage the fine lifestyle of Buddhist which will help bring peacefulness to people and the society.

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