Prabhu Dheva, India's 'Michael Jackson' opens dance school in Singapore

A quick check on YouTube on 'prabhu dheva' reveals an interesting result: a popular clip (it has gather 228,308 views), "Prabhu Deva - Dance India Dance - Full dance". Impressive, isn't it?

But why didn't start the dance school in India & after established itself, then expand to, say, Singapore? This question, I can't really suggest the answer...

India's dance legend Mr. Prabhu Dheva lights an oil lamp in Singapore's Mountbatten centre and symbolically declares the Prabhudheva Dance Academy open - much to the jubilation of dance enthusiasts here.

Mr. Prabhu Dheva is known for his dance mastery and lightning-fast moves executed in full flexibility.

His style has been likened to and earned him the name "India's Michael Jackson" by South India's entertainment industry and Bollywood with nods from the world's dancing fraternity.

Despite being fluent in Western dance styles, he was classically trained in Bharatanatyam.

In his first dance school worldwide, dance enthusiasts can learn a variety of dance styles including jazz, salsa, Bhangra - a Punjabi folk dance - and Indian folk infused with Mr. Prabhu Dheva's unique style.

As the chairman of the dance school, he said, "This is my first dance academy and I am very excited of its prospects."

"I chose Singapore as the first location as Indian culture, especially Bollywood movies, is popular and appreciated across the various communities in Singapore. More and more people are enjoying Bollywood dancing."

However, do not expect to be taught by the dance sensation himself. He said he will try to return to Singapore to conduct lessons if and when he has the time.

Instead, learn from India's best dance choreographers who have worked closely with him many times.

Mr. Prabhu Dheva handpicked these instructors not only for their expertise, but also through watching them teach others.

"I have full confidence that my instructors will make their sessions fun, educational and also intense for those looking for a challenge," he said.

No rhythm? It doesn't matter!

When asked whether it is possible to teach someone who has no rhythm, Mr. Prabhu Dheva said anyone can dance as long as they have the interest.

"It is very easy to teach someone who has the interest to learn but it is very difficult to teach someone who can dance very well but has no interest".

However, do not think that by enrolling in this dance academy, you will be heading for Bollywood's big screens anytime soon.

Sharmila Chauhan, Director of Prabhudheva Dance Academy, said she does not promise that students will be dancing on the big screens as yet.

While she admits outstanding students might be recommended, she emphasises, "No promises for Bollywood!".

The Prabhudheva Dance Academy is now open at 231 Mountbatten Road, Mountbatten center Block G, #01-02, Singapore 397999. For more information visit their website at


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