Calvin Cheng...what were you thinking about?!

I do like the point brought up by Mr. K Shanmugam. He noted that "some would say that NMPs, who do not contest elections, should also not enter Parliament". At the very least, NCMP-s have joined the battle of election. Sure, they lost. But to compare to those (read: NMP-s) who did not even participate in the election?!

Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng's passionate opposition against more Non-Constituency MPs - a day after the Constitution was amended to allow more into Parliament - was greeted with some surprise yesterday.

Mr Cheng said the move to allow losing Opposition candidates into Parliament, at best "flies in the face of the logic of democratic elections". "At worst, it's a slap in the face to the people who had voted," he added.

Mr Cheng, a former People's Action Party youth wing member, applauded "the ruling party for allowing their vanquished opponents through the backdoor of Parliament".

While he acknowledged Mr Cheng's point, Law Minister K Shanmugam pointed out that some would say that NMPs, who do not contest elections, should also not enter Parliament.

NCMP Sylvia Lim also quipped: "I find it quite ironic that someone who came into this august chamber through an interview could attack the NCMP scheme in such strong terms."

Mr Shanmugam reiterated that the Government is increasing the number of NCMPs "because we believe strongly in doing what is right for Singapore".

"Singaporeans will know that alternative views are not shut out ... The changes are not being made based on cynical, tactical, short-term calculations - which won't work anyway," he added.

From TODAY, "NMP argues against NCMP scheme".


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