Tearjerker Moment at the Office

God spoke to me and I know it’s Him. This story is too amazing not to share!!! As I am typing this entry, tears are still flowing . . .

LAST NIGHT I was chatting with Meg over ym and we discussed the special project we had in our discipleship group (long story). She asked her friend Alex some questions about Christian femininity. One particular question focused on beauty – what would Alex consider attractive/beautiful and he gave awesome answers – nothing physical at all. He listed down these qualities:

Compassionate, Unassuming, One who doesn’t harbor ill judgments – always sees the best in people, and Passionate about little things that are often overlooked

Meg and I were stumped – but in a pleasant way! We said our goodnights and told each other that to have these qualities was what we would be praying for that night. And I did just that.

After the lengthy monologue, I told Dad I love Him – several times. But being the doubting Thomas that I am, I wanted a reply. I wanted to hear and be assured (although I already know) that He’s saying I love you back. I asked God that if ever He will tell me He loves me, it should be very obvious because I can be dense sometimes – like I should see a drawing or text in a wall or an electric post….I cried myself to sleep last night because I never heard anything – not even the wind’s whisper.

I completely forgot about last night’s episode as I arrived in the office earlier today. I became busy with my tasks but suddenly caught myself humming a tune that goes like, “with you I have felt the same… la da da dad a…” I know it’s from Lifehouse because I heard it before but I forgot the title. I searched through my ipod but it wasn’t on my list. I went to Grooveshark.com to listen online. I typed Lifehouse and this is the song that came in …..

Locked inside
the only place where
you feel sheltered
where you feel safe
You lost yourself in your search
to find something else to hide behind
The fearful always
preyed upon your confidence
Did they see the consequence
when they pushed you around
The arrogant build kingdoms
made of the different ones
Breaking them 'til they've become
just another crown
and i have...
Felt the same as you,
I've felt the same as you,
I've felt the same

you don't know
why they had to go
This far traded your worth for these scars
for your only Company
don't believe the lies
that they’ve told to you
Not one word was true
you're alright,
You're alright,
You're alright and i have...
felt the same as you,

I've felt the same as you,
I've felt the same as you
I've felt the same
la da da da dala da da da dala
da da da dala da da da dala
da da da dala da da da da

Then I remembered last night … and it dawned on me that this is the reply! I know I’m not just giving too much meaning to this because I wasn’t even listening to Lifehouse today. The last song on my head before I came in was Katy Perry and Timbaland’s If We Ever Meet Again!

I know in my heart that this is how creative and amazing God is!
He told me He's felt the same!!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!

Update: Simon, I learned, means "I have heard" in Hebrew! Wooooohoooo some more!!!


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