Ris Low killed the Radio (987FM) Star

This has to be the best reason not to tune to 987FM. Seriously. She should not be allowed on radio!

Though, it sure adds to publicity (albeit a bad one) to 987FM. The ridiculous news about Ris Low being late to her own radio show has made it to MSN Entertainment, "HAVE YOUR SAY: Beauty queen late for her own radio show".

If you tuned into the Shan & Rozz Show on MediaCorp's 987FM on Monday evening you would have heard Ris Low, the former beauty queen.

Not as a guest - but as a radio DJ. Yes, the girl who coined words like "boomz" and "shingz" is apparently now putting her extensive vocabulary to good use on air.

Now, if only she could turn up on time for work. Ms Low was two hours late for the Shan, Rozz & Ris show on Monday. Her reason: "I was at the hair salon and ... blame it on the rain, it was so good for sleeping!"

Ms Low, who is no stranger to controversy, later went on to say that while she liked Mr Wee (Shan), she thought Ms Lee (Rozz) - who was sitting in front of her - was "not nice" and unfriendly. Talk about starting off on the wrong foot.

Then again, this is one girl who has done pretty much everything in the Big Book Of Wrong Things To Do (credit card fraud, using vulgarities on her blog, etc) and made headlines for all the wrong reasons (remember her performance as a condom ad spokeswoman, being molested at Park Mall).

So why is she on radio?

TODAY asked 987FM's senior creative director, Georgina Chang, who said: "She seems to evoke a very strong reaction from Singaporeans and the last time Shan and Rozz interviewed her, that stirred a lot of interest. I see it as a good way to pep up the evening show."

In fact, she pepped things up even before going on air, with netizens responding in force on various online forums. There have been hundreds of postings about her debut, both good and bad, and even a Facebook page, "Ris Low Is Awesome. She Makes Me Look Smart".

"Is it legal to air such bad English?" Benjamin Seah posted. "She is high Ris(k) for radio, this is a new Low," posted Yu Ren Jie.

"I think Ris will add a lot of fun to the show! Her choice of words are so funny!" commented jemsified.

Ms Chang noted: "We've had a lot of people reacting strongly to the news and people claim they're not going tune in, but I know that people will tune in anyway ... even if it's just to find more things to complain about."

And what did Ms Low have to say about this brouhaha?

"I'm sure to bring more people to tune in to 987FM. I'm comfortable but I'm not sure about them. I'm settling down pretty well," said Ms Low.

Still, turning up late for a radio show that you are supposed to DJ, bad mouthing your colleagues to their face ... I've a feeling she's not going to last the week. And then we'll see who has the last laugh.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Ris Low on radio - What gives?".


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