Origami Workshop by Ekkasit Khemnguad

Origami Workshop by Ekkasit Khemnguad
Ekkasit grew up with Japanese culture as his mother was the head of Japan Foundation's Activity Department. At the age of 5, Ekkasit was introduced to the art of origami by his mother and fell in love with it ever since. Aspired to be an origami master, Ekkasit has been hard at work from folding different intricate pieces to coming up with difficult designs like the Ganesh origami that gained him a reputation. In November 2008, he co-founded Thai Origami Club with having more than 2500 active members. Ekkasit will showcase his talent and demonstrate that origami is much more than just folding a paper crane. The workshop will include easy-to-follow basics as well as some challenging designs.

Origami Workshop by Ekkasit Khemnguad
Saturday 3 April at 1.30 pm
5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
**Seats are limited. Reservation is highly recommended.
For reservation and other inquiries, please call 086-991-6041.


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