Jack Neo Sex Scandal: Being Human (sometimes) is not enough an excuse

Screenshot of Straits Times Most Popular Stories: All about Jack Neo Sex Scandal

I have been following the Jack Neo Sex Scandal stories quite closely. At first, I too like many were skeptical & thought that the first outburst of the news (featuring the scorned mistress, Wendy Chong) was merely a publicity stunt. (Yes, perhaps Jack Neo was trying to publicize a movie inspired by Tiger Wood sex scandal.)

I was wrong.

And I must admit I am sad that Jack Neo is really involved in the scandal. Of course I pity his wife, Madam Irene Kng the most. For her to knowing for a year that he has had an affair but she chose to 'close one eye' and did not confront her husband is somewhat shocking.

Madam Irene must have greatly suffered.

And yes, of course Jack Neo's unbridled lust is to be blamed.

But I strongly believe that the women (as per today, it was reported 11 women?! The figure excludes Maelle Meurzec who claimed that 5 years ago when she was 16 Jack Neo harrassed her) who were involved in the affair with him, they should be equally guilty as well.

Jack Neo is a very famous person. The fact that he is married is public. Yet women are still willing to 'entertain' him.

Sigh. The title of Jack Neo's latest movie 'Being Human' might as well be him subconsciously trying to give an excuse to his dark secrets.

With such a great (sex) scandal comes a great responsibility. So far, Jack Neo has shown that he is willing to face the music like any man should be.

Just take a look at his online apology (reprinted from TODAYonline, "Jack's online apology"):
"I'm sorry for everything I've done.

"I've a wonderful wife and family, and yet I didn't treasure what I had. My betrayal has hurt them deeply.

"I'm deeply sorry and sad and I regret what I did.

"What moves me most is that my wife, despite all the hurt I've caused, has decided to forgive me. I'm very grateful for her love and generosity. She didn't give up on me, and that's what's keeping our family together.

"I've let my parents, siblings, relatives and fans down, people who have been so supportive of me all along.

"I know everyone is very disappointed in me, and I deserve it.

"Many have told me that all that matters is my wife's forgiveness, nothing else matters.

"But after giving it a lot of thought, I realised that for the last 20 years, all of you have been with me, growing with my movies.

"You were all so concerned and supportive of me, how can I see you as outsiders? Therefore, it is equally important that I get your forgiveness.

"... And I will be careful to behave with girls, to avoid any misunderstandings, and I'll be loyal to my wife.

"... I cannot undo my mistakes. I'm only human, I err. Although I've ... admitted to my wrongdoings, I still hope for your forgiveness, that you'll give me a chance.

And that is one sincere apology, you've got to agree with me.


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