Jack Neo: I had only ONE affair, for which I'm totally repentant and totally remorseful.

See the problem with Jack Neo's statement in the title of this post? "I had only one affair, for which I'm totally repentant and totally remorseful". Kinda vague. It could mean that there was only one affair and not more.

Or...that could be interpreted that there were many affairs but only one which Jack Neo is totally repentant & totally remorseful. That is to say, except for that one affair, the rest (of the affairs) he is partially repentant & partially remorseful or not at all repentant & remorseful.

Am I being anal here? I really don't know. Only Jack Neo can clarify which of the interpretations is the correct one.

I HAD only one affair, for which I'm totally repentant and totally remorseful.

This was what Jack Neo told The New Paper last night in an exclusive interview.

"From day one, I've admitted that I made a grievous mistake," he said over the telephone.

The 50-year-old film-maker confessed to an affair with freelance model Wendy Chong, 22, after she went to his home and asked to see his wife, Madam Irene Kng, 46, last Friday.

Jack questioned the motives behind the other women - including actress-singer Foyce Le Xuan and French student Maelle Meurzec - who alleged that he had sexually harassed them.

He said, sounding agitated: "As for the others who have surfaced to make all kinds of claims, I wonder what their motives are.

"Is it because they think I'm down-and-out now that they can join in to cast stones at me?"


Jack said he was flabbergasted to read about the latest accusations by a transsexual.

Ms Maggie Lai, 55, had claimed to Shin Min Daily News that he had asked her to perform a sex act on him 22 years ago when she was a masseuse.

Ms Lai, who now manages nightclub singers, said she underwent a gender change operation in 1987.

In 1988, she started work as a masseuse and met Jack later that year at the massage parlour. She claimed that he was a frequent customer there.

Jack said: "Silence does not reflect quiet acceptance (of the accusations).

"Just because I've yet to publicly challenge some claims does not mean that anyone can just step out and say anything they like."

He said he was fed-up with seeing fresh allegations made against him every day, which was why he finally decided to talk to this reporter.

Jack had initially declined to be interviewed when The New Paper first approached him yesterday to address the many questions that arose from his press conference on Thursday.

Need some time

Pleading for more time, he said: "I'm so sorry, I hope you can understand. I need some time to sort out other matters."

In an exasperated tone, he indicated that he was not trying to avoid the media.

"I really dare not speak to anyone (reporters) right now, anything I will say will just not be right," he said.

But he acknowledged that he owed an explanation to everyone, adding that the press conference was specifically meant to address that.

However, he did not expect the mayhem that ensued after his wife's legs gave way.

Jack said he had intended to apologise after she spoke, but she stood up to leave, then collapsed into his arms.

Some people have questioned whether the collapse was staged for dramatic effect, but the couple's good friend, actor Mark Lee, said it was absurd to suggest this.

He said: "Jack had to cut short the press conference when Irene became too upset to continue.

"He was already prepared to face the music and apologise to everyone affected. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a conference."

Mark added: "After all that have happened, there is no way that Jack would even contemplate using Irene as a shield. No way!"

Since Jack did not have a chance to complete what he had originally intended to do, he decided to dedicate an open letter to his fans and the public on his blog.

In the entry posted yesterday afternoon, he apologised for his actions, adding that he has been deeply humbled by the episode.

Jack said: "I'm truly sincere in my repentance and give me time please. I will definitely face the media again.

Must protect wife

"I must protect Irene. I must not allow her to be hurt again. It has been a harrowing week for her. I dare not sleep soundly at night as I'm worried she may do something rash."

He added: "Each day, we pray that today will be the last, that we can start to put everything behind us.

"But something comes up and emotions run high again. I blame no one but myself."

Agreeing, Mark said: "I'd been so furious when I first read reports of Jack's affair."

He had only spoken to his mentor over the phone - until the conference.

Mark said: "If you know my mentor as well as I do, I can tell you one thing, Jack has learned his lesson.

"Irene asked for everyone's blessing (so that she can move on). I only hope that she and Jack get that and be given the space they need now to heal and rebuild the family.

From Asiaone, "I cheated with only one woman".


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